Innolux Adopts Corning Laser Technologies’ Latest Innovation

Bringing new design and manufacturing opportunities to the auto panel industry

Solar Cells: Picosecond Lasers Save 20,000 Tons of CO2

Improved CIGS thin film cells production is 10 – 15 % more efficient

Laser Micro Material Processing Influenced by Wavelength and Digitalization

Review: LEF 2020, 10 – 11 March, Fürth, Germany

A Laser-Microfabricated Super Watch

Revolutionary 3D timepieces with FEMTOPRINT technology

For the Perfect Cut

Production of minimally invasive surgical instruments using ultrafast laser processing

12,000 One-Micron Holes per Second

A new generation of ultrafast process technology coming to market

Economical Engines Due to Laser-Structured Surfaces

Joint research project “Prometheus” further develops surface technology for lower CO2 emissions

Micro Bore-Holes for Electronics

Processing system is tailored for micromachining and challenging materials

New Laser Micromachining Job Shop for Glass and Electronics

4jet opens its MicroFab Facility near Rosenheim

Award-Winning Laser Ablation System

MicroPREP 2.0 provides order of magnitude time and cost savings compared to traditional sample preparation methods