Laser Pulses as Subtle Machining Tools

Industrial-grade materials processing on the sub-micron scale is enabled by spatially structured ultrashort laser pulses

12,000 One-Micron Holes per Second

A new generation of ultrafast process technology coming to market

A Cloud-Piercing Laser

An ultra-hot laser creates a temporary hole in a cloud to improve optical communication

LIDE in the Lead

LaserMicronics processes ultra-thin glass with laser-induced deep etching

Beam Sources for Highly Productive Electronics Production

The joint project InBUS focuses on increasing efficiency, available output power, and flexibility of (U)SP laser sources

Laser Drilling of CFRP Components in Large Quantities

Customized processing strategies for applications in aviation

Turning the Hardest Materials Without Wear

New technology shapes work pieces with high precision in the µm range

Optimized Laser Pulses Drill Narrower and Deeper Holes

Modifying the temporal structure of ultrashort laser pulses allows high-aspect ratio nano-machining of fused silica

New Technology for Laser Drilling of Ceramic Films

Greater productivity with a divided laser beam