Flat Lens for a Wide Field of View

The metalens consists of a single nanometric layer of silicon on arrays of nanoposts

Accelerating 3D Integration Technology in IR Detectors

Lynred has joined the Nanoelec consortium as a partner

3D Live-Imaging of Retinal Organoids

New method is faster and requires much lower illumination intensity than nonlinear microscopy techniques

Silicon Cameras as Mid-Infrared Detectors

Wide-field MIR images can be obtained at 100 ms exposure times using weak picosecond pulses

Getting a Grip on Near-Field Light

New approach for particle manipulation, high resolution microscopy and communications

First Photo of Individual Atoms Floating

New method to study the interaction of light and matter extremely precisely

Looking Deeper into the Ocean

Lidar systems can probe the ocean up to three times deeper than satellite remote sensing techniques

Tailored Light Inspired by Nature

Light fields using caustics do not change during propagation

New Depths in Infrared Nanospectroscopy

Findings push the technique further to quantitative chemometrics at the nanoscale in three dimensions

Vortex Beams Meet Scattering Media

A comprehensive analysis offers insights into the behavior of light carrying orbital angular momentum