World Premiere for a Disruptive Streak Camera

SATT Conectus and Optronis signed exclusive license to market technology from ICube lab

Continuous Imaging of Light-Sensitive Corals

An new light-sheet microscope allows gentle, non-invasive observation of corals and their polyps in detail over eight continuous hours

Antennas for Angstrom Displacement Sensing

Surface plasmon polaritons help to measure lateral displacements down to angstrom level

Multicolor Super-Resolution Imaging

New approach is based on the simultaneous acquisition of two spectral channels

Quickly Identify People with Elevated Body Temperature

Fever detection using Optris infrared cameras

New Laser System to Study Living Deep-Sea Creatures

Monterey researchers use particle imaging velocimetry system on a remotely operated vehicle

Preview: Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry CHII 2020

Postponed: 28 – 29 October 2020, Graz, Austria

Imaging Nanostructures with Aspherical Microlenses

New concept of ultralong working distance spectroscopy with 3D-printed aspherical microlenses

Ultrafast Camera Takes 70 Trillion Frames per Second

Device is fast enough to see waves of light traveling and the fluorescent decay of molecules

Better 3D Imaging of Living Cells

No damage caused by strong light, no artificial dyes or fluorescent tags needed