Ghost Imaging for Terahertz Microscopy

Terahertz camera uses laser light patterns to see inside objects

Vision for Your Handicap

Video analysis determines the best golf club using slow motion imaging

Shaping Waveforms

For the first time, researchers succeeded in temporally shaping the electric field of an attosecond pulse

Machine Learning for Quantum Optics

AI can reconstruct quantum states from experimental data in the presence of noise

Hybrid Microscope for Digital Biopsy

Pairing infrared measurements with high-resolution optical images and machine learning algorithms

3D Scanning a Crime Scene

Forensic information can now be secured non-destructively within seconds

A 3D Camera for Advanced Biomedical Imaging

Stacked, transparent graphene photodetectors are combined with image processing algorithms

Preview: 1st Photonics Day Denmark

24 March 2020, Hillerød, Denmark

Double X-Ray Vision

Combination measurement shows distribution of metals in biological samples

Combining X-Rays and Laser Light to Image Sprays

New approach could lead to more efficient and less polluting fuel combustion