Lensless Endoscope Captures 3D Images

Self-calibrating technology opens new opportunities for medicine and research

Mapping the Energetic Landscape of Solar Cells

A new spectroscopic method visualizes the energetic landscape inside solar cells based on organic materials

Two-Photon-Microscope Smashes Speed Records

A new two-photon microscope captures videos of the brain faster than ever, revealing neurotransmitter release

Recovering Color Images from Scattered Light

The optical memory effect enables high-fidelity, diffraction-limited imaging through scattering media

New Device for Terahertz Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging with chip-scale frequency combs based on terahertz quantum cascade lasers

Macnica Completes Acquisition of ATD

Business has grown significantly in machine vision applications

Majorana Photons Identified

Unique photons can travel with different wavefronts and allow better views through brain tissue

Qlarity Imaging to Improve Medical Outcomes with AI

Accurate diagnosis for breast cancer patients, stemming from three decades of research at the University of Chicago

Smart Glasses Recognize Images without Any Sensors

Tiny bubbles and impurities embedded within the glass could bend light in specific ways to differentiate among different images

Smart Cameras for Underwater Vehicles

Virtual diving – Fraunhofer IGD develops digital underwater technologies in Rostock