Better Optical Fibers for Gyroscopes

Anew type of hollow core optical fiber overcomes several factors that have limited previous resonator fiber optic gyroscopes

Air-Filled Fiber Cables Outperform Standard Optical Fibers

A fiber that guides light through air, offers the potential for advances in quantum communications, data transmission, and laser power delivery

Fiber-Optic Sensors Transmit Data up to 100 Times Faster

With a new method, sensors can receive higher-energy signals and decode them faster

Growing 2D Materials on Optical Fibers

Integrating transition metal dichalcogenides into specially developed glass fibers

Using Air to Amplify Light

A new technology to amplify light in the latest hollow-core optical fibers

Spider Silk for Lenses

The silk fiber is directly extracted from the cellar spider and used to form the dome lens by its liquid-collecting ability

A New Hollow-Core Optical Fiber

Enhancing the potential of optical interferometric systems and sensors

Using Fiber Optics to Advance Safe and Renewable Energy

Berkeley Lab to develop innovative technologies to make offshore wind and natural gas storage more reliable

5,000 Fiber-Optic “Eyes” Pointed at the Sky

Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument begins final testing

Nonlinear Optical Material Made of Tellurium Nanorods

Nanocomposite protects against intense light, holds promise for expanding high-speed optical networking capacity