A Hyperspectral Projector for 3D Imaging

A new method to collect spatial and spectral information for self-driving cars, machine vision or crop monitoring

Refraction in 2D Materials

New effect could aid 3D displays, virtual reality, self-driving vehicles

Innolux Adopts Corning Laser Technologies’ Latest Innovation

Bringing new design and manufacturing opportunities to the auto panel industry

Nanomaterial Gives Robots Chameleon Skin

New features include unusual color changes and high touch sensitivity

From Dark to Light in a Flash

An optical transmission modulation contrast achieved by controlling the light scattering interfaces on non-periodic 2D surface structures

3D-Displays Made of Cellulose

Liquid-phase 3D-patterning may lead to ever more sophisticated optical and thermal devices

Towards Ultra-High-Resolution Displays

New approach uses a switching mechanism of plasmonic pixels based on magnesium

New Material for Large OLEDs

The substance enables high light yields and would be inexpensive to produce on a large scale

Moiré Effect for Transparent Images

A new material combines transparent properties with the moiré effect to produce images

It’s a Sony!

Sony presents concept car at CES featuring evolved imaging and sensing technologies