Shrimp Inspires New Breed of Light Sensors

Bionic optical sensor fits on a smartphone and is capable of hyperspectral and polarimetric imaging

Advanced Imaging Solutions for Use with PCR Instruments

Atik Cameras signs multiple new contracts with leading global PCR manufacturers

Color Blindness-Correcting Contact Lenses

A rose-tinted gel with gold nanoparticles filtered light within 520 – 580 nanometers

Hyperspectral Nanoimaging of 2D Materials

New imaging technique provides link to innovative products

Metamaterials Boost Sensitivity of Large Telescopes

A new low-cost absorbing tile will be used in the camera to absorb environmental emissions

Higher Accuracy in Face Recognition

Researchers have detected some groups that show higher false positive or false negative rates

Adaptive Optics with Cascading Elements

A cascaded dual deformable phase plate wavefront modulator doubles the aberration correction range

Teledyne Buys FLIR

8-billion-dollar deal in machine vision and imaging

Laser Supports Minimally Invasive Surgery

A laser-steering microrobot operates with high speed and precision and can be integrated with existing endoscopic tools

Tracking Particles with Raman Holography

A novel holographic technique is capable of tracking individual particles in 3D volumes from one single image