Shining a Green Light on Migraine

Light therapy shown reduction in the pain intensity of the headache phase and frequency

A Photonic Device Comes to the Aid of COVID-19 Patients

International initiative Hemocovid-19 is testing a biophotonics tool for use within ICUs

XFloater: Opening up Laser Use in the Rear Part of the Eye

Clear vision – project for safer laser treatment of floaters started

Spider Silk for Lenses

The silk fiber is directly extracted from the cellar spider and used to form the dome lens by its liquid-collecting ability

Continuous Imaging of Light-Sensitive Corals

An new light-sheet microscope allows gentle, non-invasive observation of corals and their polyps in detail over eight continuous hours

Multicolor Super-Resolution Imaging

New approach is based on the simultaneous acquisition of two spectral channels

A Living Photosynthetic Microcavity

New photonic approach to boost nanoelectricity from living microalgae

Better 3D Imaging of Living Cells

No damage caused by strong light, no artificial dyes or fluorescent tags needed

Self-Aligning Microscope with Super-Resolution

New instrument enables direct distance measurements between molecules in intact cells on the scale between 1 and 20 nm

New Kind of Volumetric Fluorescence Microscopy

3D imaging technology pushes the boundaries of living cells research