Shrimp Inspires New Breed of Light Sensors

Bionic optical sensor fits on a smartphone and is capable of hyperspectral and polarimetric imaging

New Microscopy Method with Nanometer Resolution

MINSTED resolves fluorescent molecules with resolution at the nanometer scale

Ultrabright Dots See Beyond Skin Deep

New polymer dots can produce low-noise images with single-molecule sensitivity

Battling COVID-19 Using UV Light

Conjugated polymers, when combined with UV light, could almost completely kill the coronavirus

New Method for Fluorescence Microscopy

A fluorescence lifetime microscopy technique uses frequency combs and no mechanical parts to observe dynamic biological phenomena

Artificial Visual System for Future AI

A flexible quasi-2DEG artificial visual system for high-performance light detection

Next-Generation Microscope to Study Cellular Origin of Diseases

Crimson project targets breakthrough in microscopy and endoscopy

Cell-Tracking with Holographic Fluorescence Imaging

Novel techniques uses the intrinsic phase information of each individual photon

Optical Test for Cancer

Sensitive spectroscopy approach detects formaldehyde at a level of just 1 part per million

Mimicking Moth Eyes for Anti-Reflective Coatings

A new, simple and scalable strategy to produce resin films with anti-reflective nanostructures