New Kind of Photonic Crystal Fibers

Advanced laser-printing techniques prove ideal for creating tiny optical communication devices with complex internal structures

High-Resolution 3D-Printing System for Industry and Academia

Top-notch 2PP 3D-printing system meets wide range of customer demands

3D Print of Detailed Glass Objects

Multiphoton polymerization approach might one day be used to print complex optics

Direct Laser Writing of 3D Lenses

Basis for three-dimensional waveguides to dramatically improve data routing, transfer speed and energy efficiency

3D Laser Printing in Color

Plasmonic seasoning by highly dispersed nanoparticles

Winners of the 3DPC 2020

International competition had submissionsfrom 28 countries, from 6 continents

Additive Manufacturing: LED Instead of Laser or Electron Beam

New technology to revolutionize 3D metal printing

To Manufacture Laser Sources for Infrared Sensors

Nanoplus to use the technology of Multiphoton Optics

Additive Manufacturing Inspires with Best Perspectives

Review: Formnext, 13 – 16 November 2019, Frankfurt, Germany

3D-Printed Terahertz Diffraction Gratings

Additive manufacturing of components for the manipulation of terahertz radiation