Call to Action: Day of Photonics

Interactive map of EPIC members and their regional offices,

The European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) is encouraging businesses across the world to join them in celebrating the Day of Photonics, 21 October 2020. The commemoration day was established in 1983 by the General Conference on Weights and Measures to call attention to the important role that photonic devices, circuits and the entire photonics / optical device supply chain plays in so many aspects of daily life.

Photonics is a key enabling technology within many fields and products including: LED lighting, photovoltaic solar energy, photonic integrated circuits, optical components, lasers, sensors, imaging, displays, projectors, optical fiber, and other photonic related technologies that have myriad applications in health, security, agriculture, food, communication, transportation, and many other areas.

EPIC notes that on the occasion of this anniversary, hundreds of activities are organized around the world by members of the photonics supply chain to raise attention to the importance of their work and the contributions made that positively impact so many aspects of modern life. The purpose is to promote photonics by informing the general public about what makes photonic technologies unique and valuable; why they are important to consumer, commercial and industrial products, combined with the fact that PICs and other integration technologies are creating opportunities to further miniaturize products, speed communication and reduce energy consumption.


“We encourage you to join us in the promotion of photonics and to organize an activity!” noted Susette Germer, public relations manager for EPIC. She went on to note that Day of Photonics activities do not have to take place exactly on 21st October; some companies have their day the week before or the week after, but this anniversary is a good motivation to call attention to the positive role photonics plays across the globe at a time when everyone could use encouragement and good news. “Events or commemorative activities can be as small as sending your staff a piece of chocolate with the Day of Photonics logo or as big as asking your marketing team to organize an online conference or webinar,” she noted.

EPIC suggests and requests that any promotional activities utilize the official Day of Photonics logo as part of a company’s promotion along with their individual company logo; the Day of Photonics logo can be found at EPIC also suggests that persons organizing an event send the association a photo or a screen shot of how a company is recognizing photonics at their company; photos sent will be added to those of other companies in on-going EPIC promotions. Photos can be sent to: or directly shared via LinkedIn by tagging @DAY OF PHOTONICS and Twitter @DayPhotonics. (Source: EPIC)

Link: Interactive map of EPIC members and their regional offices, c/o European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), Paris, France

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