Blickfeld Scores with Lidar

Blickfeld, a leading provider of solid-state lidar technology, has been awarded 100,000 Euro for achieving first place in the “Start me up!” contest, which is organized by the business magazine Bilanz. The Munich-based start-up competed with a total of 1,200 applicants, ten of whom had reached the final round.

Winners’ photo: Arno Balzer, Bilanz; Daniel Boschmann, moderator; Zarah Bruhn, Social Bee; Valentin Baier, Blickfeld (front); Klaus Boldt, Bilanz (behind); Hannes Füting, SuperSeven (Source: Bilanz, V. Wild)

This year’s jury chairman was Andreas von Bechtolsheim, multi-founder and legendary Silicon Valley investor, who was one of the first to invest in Google. Von Bechtolsheim explains the decision of the ten jury members: “Lidar sensors make driving safer because they detect dangers quickly and precisely. The unique feature of the Blickfeld sensors is their small size: They can be integrated directly into headlights and rear-view mirrors and are also very advanced in terms of range, image resolution and field of vision.”

“The mobility of the future is an issue that occupies many people and ultimately affects all of us – Blickfeld winning the ‘Start me up!’ award is another clear sign of this!,” says Blickfeld’s CEO Dr. Mathias Müller. “We feel that our vision of making tomorrow’s mobility more efficient and, above all, safer with our sensors has been confirmed”.

Founded in 2017 and based in Munich, Blickfeld is a provider of lidar technology for autonomous mobility and IoT applications, based on patented silicon MEMS mirrors and commercial off-the-shelf components. Since 2019, Blickfeld officially collaborates with Japanese Tier 1 supplier Koito.

Bilanz has honored the best business ideas and innovations with the “Start me up!” award since 2015 and over time has established itself as an important contest in Germany. This year’s award winners were presented with their prizes at a ceremony held on 3 July as part of the TOA technology festival in Berlin. (Source: Blickfeld)

Link: Mobility & Automotive solutions, Blickfeld GmbH, Munich, Germany

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