Berliner Glas Group to Become Part of ASML

Berliner Glas and ASML, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chip-making equipment, have signed an agreement whereby ASML acquires all shares of Berliner Glas KGaA including all subsidiaries. With this transaction, ASML will acquire technical capabilities that are important to support the future roadmap for its EUV and DUV products. Business units that operate in other markets will also be acquired.

Such electrostatic chucks are used in the semicon industry to hold wafers. (Source: Berliner Glas)

„We are proud to have contributed to the success of ASML’s lithography technology over the past thirty years, and our collaboration with ASML is already very close”, said Herbert Kubatz, owner of the group. “We are excited by the opportunity to make a bigger contribution to innovation in the semiconductor industry as a part of ASML, while we retain the focus to be successful in the other markets that we serve,” added Andreas Nitze, group CEO of Berliner Glas.

„The combination of Berliner Glas’ technology and capabilities and ASML’s scale, both in R&D and manufacturing, will support the further development and roll-out of future EUV systems that will provide increased value to our customers. In this transaction, ASML is also acquiring businesses that serve other industries. We intend to manage Berliner Glas in a way that allows these businesses to remain focused on serving their customers with products that are tailored to their needs,” said Frits van Hout, ASML’s chief strategy officer.

The management team of the Berliner Glas Group will continue to run the company. The contacts for customers and suppliers remain the same. The acquisition will be completed once all the necessary regulatory approvals have been obtained, which is expected before the end of 2020. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. (Source: Berliner Glas)

Links: Berliner Glas KGaA Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co., Berlin, GermanyASML Holding NV, Veldhoven, The Netherlands

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