Avi Cohen Joins Nanofabrica as EVP Global Sales

Jon Donner (left) and Avi Cohen, standing in front of a Tera 250 (Source: I. Gil / Nanofabrica)

Micro-3D printing technology innovator Nanofabrica announced that highly experienced additive manufacturing influencer Avi Cohen has joined the company as executive vice president of sales.

Nanofabrica exists at the interface of micro and additive manufacturing, and through hardware, software, and material innovation presents industry with a true blue-ocean technology that is disrupting the manufacture of micro parts or components or smaller parts with micron features. As such, the company is at the forefront of the drive towards the use of 3D printing as a truly viable production technology, and sees Cohen’s experience and insights as critical to its future success.

CEO Jon Donner says, “At Nanofabrica we have developed a 3D printing machine (the Tera 250) that allows for the repeatable manufacture of parts with micron levels of accuracy. The company is growing fast, and customers are beginning to see for the very first time that using the Tera 250, the possibility of mass manufacturing via 3D printing is a reality. We have been successful in explaining how this can be achieved – either by nesting thousands of micro parts within our build envelope or via the manufacture of robust and inexpensive direct rapid soft tooling – and the time is now right for us to add someone with the drive and experience of Avi to take us to the next level and support more and more new customers from across industry.”

Cohen’s career started in sales, marketing, and high-level management positions in various bio-medical companies, his over 20-year association with the additive manufacturing sector beginning in 1999 when he joined Stratasys (formally Objet). At Stratasys for 16 years, Cohen became director of healthcare sales and marketing, focusing his impressive expertise on evangelizing about 3D printing technology, with an especial concern for the medical and dental sectors. Cohen comes to Nanofabrica after a 5-year stint as the vice president for healthcare and education at XJet, a position he took up after moving on from Stratasys in 2015. Working at the forefront of the digital manufacturing revolution, Cohen commands the respect of the entire international 3D printing community, and he is universally recognized as a strategically astute technology leader.

Cohen says, “It has been my honor to work at the heart of the 3D printing sector for so long. At Nanofabrica I will be leading the global sales effort, utilizing my profound knowledge of the entire business environment, and my understanding of the wants and needs of customers. As an industry veteran of over twenty years standing, I have spearheaded product innovation and have driven customer adoption of 3D printing, and I feel that here my experience and skills are perfectly synergistic with what is perhaps one of the most innovative and forward-thinking players in the space. Nanofabrica’s corporate message, ‘We dream big so our customers can print small’ immediately resonated with me. The team I am joining is characterized by a drive and passion to solve difficult challenges, a desire to listen to and learn from customers, and an absolute focus on enabling the digital mass manufacture of precise and complex parts.”

Donner concludes, “We are so excited to bring Avi on board. As EVP sales he will be responsible for the leadership of Nanofabrica’s sales team, constantly locating new industries and customer applications where the Tera 250 will bring additional value. For Avi, the customer always comes first, and his constant focus will be on optimized and enhanced customer experience.” (Source: Nanofabrica)

Link: Nanofabrica, Tel Aviv, Israel

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