Avantes Appoints New CEO

Dutch spectroscopy company Avantes has appointed Pierre Warffemius as CEO as of September 14, 2020. With this appointment, the international company enters a new phase in which the focus will be on continuous growth in additional products and markets.

Pierre Warffemius (left) taking over from Benno Oderkerk (background; source: Avantes)

During his career, Pierre Warffemius (55) has fulfilled various management positions with companies in the fields of biotechnology and graphic arts. His last position was CEO of SynCo Bio Partners. He has extensive experience in the professionalization of expanding technology-oriented businesses. As CEO of Avantes, he will be focusing on further growth and professionalization of the company. Pierre Warffemius regarding his new position: “Avantes has grown exponentially in the past couple of years due to the professional and innovative spectroscopy solutions they offer to customers. The current size of the organization offers new opportunities and grants us access to large-scale customers that we would gladly add to our portfolio. Full of enthusiasm I, together with our team, will accept the challenge to strengthen the position of Avantes as a partner in spectroscopy. By offering current and new customers the best possible solutions, we will be able to continue to grow.”

The resigning CEO of Avantes, Benno Oderkerk, will continue to be connected to Avantes in an advisory role. Oderkerk was one of the founders of Avantes over 26 years ago and is proud of the international company with offices in the United States and China. “Pierre possesses the right qualifications to lead our wonderful company and brings with him the experience to operate in an international market. I have the utmost confidence in Pierre’s ability to successfully lead the company and realize growth together with our employees.”

Avantes develops and manufactures compact spectrometers, light sources, software, fiber-optics and accessories. Avantes’ products are highly customizable, adaptable to any specific application and integrated into even the smallest housings. These products therefore find usage in numerous OEM applications and markets, as well as the scientific and industrial fields. With over a quarter century of experience, Avantes continues to produce innovative solutions in diverse markets, including chemical, solar energy, agriculture, gemology, (bio)medical, semiconductor, light measurement and food processing technology. (Source: Avantes)

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Link: Avantes BV, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

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