Automated CW OPO for Low-Noise Mid-Infrared High-Resolution Spectroscopy and Quantum Technology

CW OPO System “DLC TOPO” that stands alone as the only fully automated, continuous-wave, Optical Parametric Oscillator laser source on the market. It is designed for high-resolution spectroscopy across 1.45 to 4.0 μm (2500–6900 cm–1) with up to 4 W output power.

The unique optical design enables broadly tunable laser light without exchanging any optic sets or modules. Additionally, the all-digital control electronics facilitate hands-free coarse wavelength tuning, fine tuning, and frequency locking. A wide mode-hop-free tuning range up to 300 GHz (10 cm–1) enables visibility of full spectroscopic signatures. The narrow linewidth (2 MHz, 1·10–5 cm–1) gives a resolution that reveals narrow atomic and molecular features. As with all systems of this manufacturer, this system is low maintenance.

The wide wavelength coverage and low noise are ideal for molecular and biomedical spectroscopy, physical chemistry, quantum technologies, and integrated photonics applications.

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