Branched Flow of Light

Branched flow opens the door to many new ideas such as branched flow in nonlinear media

World Premiere for a Disruptive Streak Camera

SATT Conectus and Optronis signed exclusive license to market technology from ICube lab

Scaling Up the Quantum Chip

A hybrid process connects photonics with artificial atoms to produce the largest quantum chip of its type

iPronics Selected „Spinoffs to Watch“

UPV deep-tech spinoff receives Nature/Merck prize recognition

Plug-and-Play Lens for Microscopy

New device makes it easy to access high-quality images from deep inside tissue

Guido Bonati Fisba’s New CTO and Head of R&D

Successor of Christian Zellweger, who has transferred within the company as its COO

Quantum Entanglement Aboard Orbiting CubeSat

The new instrument successfully generated entangled photon-pairs over temperatures from 16 °C to 21.5 °C

“A Celebration of Brilliant Leadership”

Hans van den Vlekkert Wins EPIC CEO Award 2020

An Ultrathin Flat Lens with a Broad Bandwidth

A fishnet-achromatic-metalens captures 70% of incoming light in frequencies ranging from 640 nanometers to 1200 nanometers

UV-C: License to Kill

Osram granted approval to use UV light for virus elimination