An Ultrafast Glimpse of Nanoscopic Aerosols

Exploration the initial consequences of the interaction of light with molecules on the surface of nanoscopic aerosols

First Demonstration of a 1 Petabit per Second Network Node

Gathering the latest advancements in optical fiber telecommunications technology towards practical petabit-class backbone networks

Quantum Light in Thin Layers

A very special kind of light is emitted by tungsten diselenide layers and now explained.

Joining Forces for Additive Manufacturing

TU Munich, Oerlikon, GE Additive, Linde to establish AM cluster in Bavaria

Preview: EPIC Meeting on Wafer-Level Optics

7 – 8 November, Neuchatel, Switzerland

Spying on Topology

An ultra-fast optical way to extract critical information from quantum materials

Innovative Laser Marking Unit for the Integration into Production Lines

Trade show premiere for product novelty at Motek and Productronica

PhotonicsViews 5/2019 October/November

Cover Picture: PhotonicsViews 5/2019 Characterizing spherical, aspherical, free-form lenses with a non-destructive tomographic OCT measuring method for geometrically complex micro-optics (Source: Fh. IPT; cf. Characterizing Spherical, Aspherical, Free-form Lenses,, 9th October 2019) Editorial Lasers Drive Personalized Medicine: New ways to kill cancer, diagnose disease, and do genetics, all require lasers Seppo Orsila (Modulight) Page: […]

3D Printing of Structural Colors

World smallest colorful 3D model of the Eiffel Tower without any pigments or inks

New Climate-Research Center Launched by OSA, AGU, Strathclyde University

Global Environmental Measurement and Monitoring Network (GEMM) Initiative