Artificial Intelligence & Photonics Enable Competitive Edge

Moderator and journalist Sven Oswald welcomes the audience (Source: Spectaris / Sablotny)

At the Spectaris forum Photonik 4.0, experts are venturing an outlook on future developments
“We have to give the small and medium-sized businesses easy access to artificial intelligence. This is the task our association is working on, but it also has to be a political task,” explained Spectaris CEO Joerg Mayer at the forum Photonik 4.0 organized by the German hightech association in conjunction with the Scientific Society for Laser Technology WLT. “AI is going to a special driver to enable tailor-made and very flexible laser technology.” Thomas Graf from the WLT & University of Stuttgart is certain: “Our vision of digitization can only be implemented if we combine photonics and AI.” And Florian Schild, founder and CEO of Boot.AI, said: “AI needs photonics, both sides can benefit from each other.”

More than fifty participants experienced high-caliber speakers at the forum, who presented innovative concepts in laser technology for intelligent production and gave an outlook on the development of the laser industry in the context of the comprehensive digitization of production processes. The focus was on the topics of laser systems, digitalization and laser applications.

Panel discussion with Sven Oswald, Thomas Graf, Klaus Loeffler, Rainer Ramsayer and Florian Schild (from left to righ; source: Spectaris / Sablotny)

But the funding policy was eagerly discussed, too. “The German government’s photonics funding had been immensely successful. This laid the foundation for the laser centers throughout Germany,” said Klaus Loeffler from Trumpf Laser. And Graf added: “The basic knowledge is there, it would be a pity if we did not use this potential for smart production. Germany needs more funding to strengthen the know-how for digitized production.” Schild pleaded for creating synergies and focusing not only on Germany, but on the whole of Europe. Only then, Europe can meet the competition from the USA and China. The laser technology “Made in Germany” remains unchallenged, Reiner Ramsayer from Bosch pointed out from the application perspective. “We rely on German lasers in our company.” In terms of reliability and service, they are unrivaled.

However, resting on what has been achieved is not an option. “Even though lasers have been in use for almost sixty years, many applications still require pre-competitive research. Only if we tap these potentials within the framework of an ambitious industrial and research strategy of the government we can continue to play at the top,” emphasized Mayer at the end of the event. (Source: Spectaris)

Link: Forum: „Photonik 4.0 – Der Laser in der intelligenten Produktion“, SPECTARIS – Deutscher Industrieverband für optische, medizinische und mechatronische Technologien e.V., Berlin, Germany

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