Tünnermann Receives First ERC Advanced Grant for Jena University

Andreas Tünnermann (right) in a conversation with Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee (left). (Source: Tino Zippel, OTZ)

Andreas Tünnermann (right) in a conversation with Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee (Source: Tino Zippel, OTZ)

The Director of the Institute of Applied Physics at the University of Jena, Prof. Dr. Andreas Tünnermann, has received an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council (ERC) for the continuation of his work on laser physics research. The ERC had ranked Tünnermann’s research as “excellent”. The funds amounting to at least two million euros are now available to Tünnermann and our team over the next five years to further basic research in the field of fiber lasers. The ‘Advanced Grant’ of the ERC is one of the most highly endowed international research awards. “That such research budget now goes to Jena, is a huge success and demonstrates once again the enormous power of the scientific center of Thuringia,” said the Minister of Science Wolfgang Tiefensee. He congratulated Tünnermann on the award and also promised further support of the state.

Innovations in the field of fiber laser physics

“I am delighted to receive this award, which is the award for my entire team at the same time”, says Prof. Tünnermann which thus receives the Advanced Grant as the first scientist at the University of Jena. The ERC funding will be allocated to lay the foundations for further innovations in the field of fiber laser physics. Fiber lasers are solid-state lasers based on fiber optics, which are very robust, well amplified and have high efficiencies. Amongst others, they could be used for material processing, medical technology (diagnostics) and in space (measuring technology).

The ERC Advanced Grant supports outstanding, well-established European scientists of all disciplines in the implementation of visionary research projects that promise pioneering new insights or highly innovative applications. (Source: U. Jena)

Links: Institute of Applied Physics, University of Jena

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