Analysis Solution: Zeiss Enters Software Sector

Operator working with AIMS AutoAnalysis software (Source: Zeiss)

Operator working with AIMS AutoAnalysis software (Source: Zeiss)

Zeiss has released the new application software Zeiss AutoAnalysis. The software solution provides fully automated analysis of Zeiss AIMS aerial images in parallel to the measurements as they are being captured. Manual interaction is no longer required, thus eliminating human error, but manual analysis is still available if desired. Analysis results are automatically entered into customized report layouts.
The software communicates directly with the Zeiss AIMS tools and has been in use at one customer site for several months. Two more installations were announced for February 2015.
The development was done in close cooperation with customers. Anthony Garetto, Product Manager at Zeiss says: “For us as a tool supplier, the motivation to enable our customers to shorten turn-around times, improve reliability and save time and manpower was a strong driver to face the challenge of developing a software solution. With our knowledge as the experts in aerial imaging technology and the expertise of our development partners, together we could now release a comprehensive software solution that fits the demands of the mask makers.” (Source: Zeiss)

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