An Efficient Miniaturized Entangled Photon Source for Quantum Computing

This illustration of the PPKTP crystal shows the polarity of the crystal domains and the doubled laser beam. (Source: Raicol)

Raicol Crystals, a manufacturer of unique non-linear crystals for use in the space, aviation, and pharma industries,  collaborates with Qubitekk, which develops and manufactures a variety of products for quantum networks and quantum key distribution. The companies are partnering on a project focusing on quantum communications. As part of the joint project, the companies develop an intangible, minimized photonic source that will serve as an endpoint for sending encrypted messages.

Countries and organizations around the world are in a race for superiority in quantum computing and communications. Quantum-based communications will allow for large amounts of information to move quickly, qualitatively, securely, and without the influence of distance or environmental conditions. The collaboration between the companies will combine the photon-splitting capabilities of Raicol Crystals with Qubitekk’s quantum entanglement source to replace quantum keys with the aim of developing an elaborate endpoint for the transfer of split photons. This development will enable ultrafast data encryption and may be used in a variety of areas including financial, security, medical, and governmental systems. In the long term, the goal of the project is to significantly reduce the size of the quantum photonic source while increasing and refining its capabilities to become one of the most innovative and exceptional products of its kind.

A PPKTP crystal with dimensions 1 × 2 × 15 millimeters. (Source: Raicol)

The companies have been awarded a grant from the Israel – US Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation. The BIRD Foundation is working to encourage cooperation between Israeli and American companies in a variety of technology sectors for joint product development. The projects focus on providing solutions that are of mutual benefit to the US and Israel.

Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, executive director of the BIRD Foundation, said, “Quantum computing is a strategic tool that will become essential for organizations and governments in the future. We are proud to support the development of technology capable of positioning Israeli and American industries to be at the forefront with the development of new products of this kind. The BIRD Foundation will continue to support innovative projects that develop solutions addressing present and future challenges.”

Aner Yarden, CEO of Raicol Crystals, said, “We are proud to receive funding from the BIRD Foundation for our project with Qubitekk. Qubitekk has registered a number of Quantum Key Distribution patents and is a pioneer in quantum communication and networks. Raicol Crystals produces a unique crystal that serves as a critical component of quantum communications systems. We will continue to seek collaborations in quantum communications that will allow leading space stations and research institutes to leverage our knowledge and experience and lead us to commercial success.” (Source: Raicol)

Links: Qubitekk Inc., Vista, California, USARaicol Crystals Ltd., Rosh Ha’Ayin, IsraelBIRD Foundation (Binational Industrial Research and Development), Tel Aviv, Israel

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