AMS Invests in New Imaging Center of Excellence

Rochester NY site to boost sensor-enabled consumer imaging expertise

Color Blindness-Correcting Contact Lenses

A rose-tinted gel with gold nanoparticles filtered light within 520 – 580 nanometers

Fine Pitch Placement of Flip-Chip Photonics Devices

Cooperation between Bay Photonics, Palomar Technologies and EPIC Paignton

Light Pretending to be a Ferromagnet

An optical cavity filled with a liquid crystal enables to investigate exotic states of polarization of light

Aerotech Announces Robert Novotnak as President

New head to guide company through expansion and new era of growth

Start-up Develops New Lasers for Life Sciences

n2-Photonics is developing technology for ultrashort-pulse lasers

Laser Pulses as Subtle Machining Tools

Industrial-grade materials processing on the sub-micron scale is enabled by spatially structured ultrashort laser pulses

Osram Appoints Ingo Bank as CEO

Babette Fröhlich to be head of HR in combined company, joins Osram board as labor director

Developing an Intelligent Camera-Sensor Technology

Project MISEL – Multispectral Intelligent Vision System with Embedded Low-Power Neural Computing

New Optical Antennas for Vortices of Light

Increasing the amount of information that can be simultaneously transmitted by a single light source