Aetina, Ke Cheng Intellectualize AVI Equipment

AI application has gone deep into our daily life and various economic activities, and industrial manufacturing 4.0 is a significant point for the development of artificial intelligence as well. GPGPU and edge AI computing platform provider Aetina and customized-equipment supplier Ke Cheng spread the industrial AI in the production together. They put AI computing into original AVI equipment, lift the accuracy ratio of detection to ninety percent, not only fasten the operation but also cut down the human resource cost.

Components flow chart for an intelligent automated visual inspection solution (click to enlarge; source: Aetina)

To realize AI research and development in the procedure will be quality testing and management, the most well used are optical inspection equipment such as automated visual inspection (AVI) and automated optical inspection (AOI). In the past, AVI equipment will affect by color difference and the height. However, Ke Cheng is experienced with system integration and vision recognition, and they upgraded the original AVI equipment with the Aetina Jetson AI computing platform. An AI vision recognition software with the right platform can improve the defect inspection accuracy rate significantly.

Ke Cheng, based in Hsinchu County, Taiwan, is a company dedicated to metal inspection, customized system integration services, and the development and optimization of vision inspection software. The architecture of this intelligent AVI solution consists of existing AVI equipment, high-performance AI computing servers, data centers, and vision inspection algorithms. Since the defect was inspected at the measuring stage, the AVI equipment would send the alarm data to the AI server for re-inspecting. Once the misjudgment occurred, the product will continue to the next process stage. On the contrary, the results will be sent back to the AVI equipment and determine whether to notify the product manager to handle according to the rules of the algorithm.

In the overall system, the high-performance AI server built with Aetina Jetson AI computing platform, which based on Aetina Jetson carrier board, ACE-N510, and Nvidia Jetson TX2 computing module. The platform provides 256 CUDA computing cores and 1.3 TFlops on AI inference capabilities, which not only fulfills the computing ability required by the AI server but also carries with the advantage of small-form-factor, making it easy to deploy in the original production line. Combined with Ke Chang’s vision inspection algorithm, each Aetina AI computing platform can cascade up to 15 AVI equipment and inspect eight kinds of defect type. This intelligent AVI solution successfully increases the accuracy of automated vision inspections to above ninety percent and eliminates the effort of trivial manual re-inspection. At the same time, it effectively reduces labor costs and increases the yield of production lines.

There is a potential market for AI to get into the industrial area, and the reason is that AI can quickly bring significant improvement for the product quality and the procedure period. Ke Cheng Technology is not only focusing on metal inspection but also expend its business to the laptop and smartphone chassis inspection. With the same detection quality, Ke Cheng and Aetina will realize AI application on the technical procedure, easy upgrading the original equipment and system, bring liveness to traditional industries with AI solutions. (Source: Aetina)

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