Accelerating AM Innovation with Innovative Digital Technologies

Established in 2017, Additive Flow has developed advanced and unique digital solutions to solve many of the existing challenges within the additive manufacturing (AM) workflow. The team comprises strong advocates for the performance potential of industrial 3D printing and AM as well as its potential to facilitate more sustainable manufacturing practices.

Medical implant for mandibular fracture (Source: Additive Flow)

However, the “potential” of AM has been discussed for many years now, while the realization of this potential has been slow to follow. One of the key barriers to adoption of the technology set occurs at the front end – throughout the digital workflow that AM necessitates, which encompasses design for AM, design optimization with multiple parameters, process simulation, process parameter optimization and material selection and placement.

The now released modular software addresses many of these challenges – faced by many designers and engineers working with – or engaging for the first time with – 3D printing and additive manufacturing processes for product development and production applications. FormFlow is a multifunctional software with the capability to apply multiple user-defined parameters for simultaneous geometry, process parameter and material optimization. The dedicated, physics-driven algorithms do all of the complex work, and produce comprehensive and tangible results that deliver optimally performing parts cost effectively, sustainably and rapidly. It is also AM-process / system agnostic with specialist solvers that account for the unique properties in AM materials and can be tailored to work with single- and/or multimaterial designs.

With its development, the company was one of 28 startups selected by StartUp Grind to join its Accelerate 2019 Program – from a Europe-wide competition of more than three thousand entrants. Additive Flow was also a finalist in the Mass Challenge Switzerland programme in Lausanne last year and, notably a winner of DSM’s “I AM Tomorrow” challenge.

The company is currently working on a project consultancy basis with a range of OEMs, SMEs as well as AM ecosystem companies. This is because its digital solutions are versatile and modular, and can be used right across customized workflows with all of its multifunctionality, or it can be applied specifically to unlock particular bottlenecks in any given workflow to optimize cost, performance and sustainability outcomes. The company will open up FormFlow on license later this year. (Source: Additive Flow)

Link: Additive Flow Ltd., London, UK

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