Aberration-free High NA focusing Objective

An improved version of the “aplanoXX_NA0.8” objective for diffraction limited focusing with NA 0.8 inside transparent materials, with compensation for spherical aberration at depths ranging from 0 to 4 mm.

The high resistance of optics to radiation of high power ultra-short pulse lasers with wavelengths of 515 nm, 800 nm, 1030 nm and the special patented optical design are optimal for microprocessing fused silica, sapphire, glass, SiC, silicon and other materials in applications, such as dicing in the manufacture of LED, nanostructuring for optical data storage and recording of polarization converters, 3D micro- and nanofabrication. The aberration-free high NA focusing is also important in various types of microscopy. In response to practice requests, the objectives are equipped with a replaceable protective window that prevents damage of optical elements from chips and dust ejected during material processing. The aplanatic optical design guarantees low sensitivity to misalignments, which facilitates and simplifies the integration of the objectives in existing equipment and research setups.

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