A Production-Level Applications Center in the US

A far-reaching collaboration agreement between Süss Microtec and BRIDG, a not-for-profit, public-private partnership focused on production process technologies, advanced system integration, and 200-mm microelectronics fabrication advancing next-generation nanoscale technology, puts an unprecedented array of Süss Microtec equipment and fabrication technologies at the doorstep of its North American customer base, readily accessible for demonstrations and evaluations.

Süss equipment, onsite at BRIDG, spans a range of capabilities from advanced permanent bonding, temporary bonding and de-bonding to lithography and nano-imprinting and will fill vital needs in BRIDG’s infrastructure for manufacturing and advanced R&D. Onsite support from Süss Microtec will combine with BRIDG’s technical experts to enable process and product innovations. Working within a manufacturing infrastructure enables customers to test new concepts in a real production environment, fully supported from concept to product commercialization.

The Süss Imprint Excellence Center supports a fully equipped facility with a state-of-the-art ISO6 cleanroom and a secure work and office area for customer use. (Source: Süss)

“Access to high quality, advanced integration-enabling tools is a key component of the infrastructure BRIDG requires to unlock the next generation of speed, size, weight, and power optimization, and Süss Microtec has proven to be the ideal partner to bring those tools to BRIDG,” stated Chester Kennedy, BRIDG CEO. “The unique tools manufactured by Süss Microtec will add capabilities to enable our customers to design systems at the absolute cutting edge of performance – faster, smaller, lighter, and using lower power – that allow customers to stay ahead of their competitors while having key systems components manufactured in the United States.”

BRIDG is offering product development, prototyping and early-stage manufacturing services with 200 mm (8-inch) wafer fab capabilities based within a 109,000 square foot fab that includes cleanroom laboratory/manufacturing space of approximately 60,000 square feet. BRIDG is strategically located in Central Florida, in the heart of Osceola County’s new technology district known as NeoCity.

“As a technology innovator, Süss Microtec’s decision to select Central Florida as the ideal location for hosting its North American customers contributes to the manifestation of the vision for BRIDG and NeoCity,” said Fran Korosec, BRIDG vice president of program management. “This partnership will play an integral role in BRIDG’s performance, especially for our recently announced contract with the Department of Defense IBAS program.”

“We are very pleased to be working side by side with a pioneering partner like BRIDG. This collaboration is a further step in our mission to expand as a systems and solutions provider and is part of our strategy 2025,” said Franz Richter, CEO of Süss Microtec, “our task is to move closer to our customers, understand their needs, offer solutions and make those solutions accessible, with the continual support of our knowledge and expertise.”

Both companies plan to expand the relationship already established with the further installation of Süss production tools to offer additional advanced manufacturing capabilities for 200-mm wafer processing.

“We are not just offering a new application center for demonstrating Süss equipment. By collaborating with BRIDG, we combine our strengths – the synergy resulting from our partnership is an enormous added value that our American customers will benefit from. We meet their requirements from A to Z by enabling direct access to facilities, technical innovation and professional management in a 200-mm manufacturing environment,” stated Gary Choquette, general manager, Süss Microtec Inc. (Source: BRIDG)

Links: BRIDG, NeoCity, FL, USASÜSS MicroTec SE, Garching, Germany

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