“A New Era in Large Area CMOS Imaging”

Teledyne Imaging has introduce LACera, and describes it as a significant step forward in CMOS capabilities for advanced imaging which aims to enable the next generation of scientific discovery. Exclusively developed by the company, LACera advanced imaging technology draws on Teledyne’s decades of CMOS sensor and camera development.

www.LargeAreaCMOS.com (Source: Teledyne Princeton Instruments)

Scientific imaging, spanning x-ray to near infrared (NIR) regions, is critical to emerging applications in life and physical sciences. Applications as diverse as next generation genomics, astronomical photometry, ultrahigh-resolution x-ray and electron imaging require CMOS sensors and cameras with low light sensitivity and speed. LACera CMOS technology delivers greater than ninety percent quantum efficiency and proprietary low noise architecture with up to 18-bit readout – a combination of performance not previously available in wafer scale sensors.

LACera technology will be exclusively featured in next generation CMOS cameras to be announced later this year and includes x-ray, EUV and vis-NIR versions. (Source: Teledyne Technologies)

Link: LACera™ Advanced Imaging Technology, www.LargeAreaCMOS.com, Teledyne Princeton Instruments, Trenton, NJ, USA


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