“A Celebration of Brilliant Leadership”

Hans van den Vlekkert, vice president of strategic business development of Lionix International (left) is honored with the EPIC CEO award 2020 by José Pozo, CTO of EPIC. (Source: EPIC)

The European Photonics Industry Consortium announced the name of its 2020 EPIC Industry award winner for the best CEO. The jury has unanimously given the award to Hans van den Vlekkert.

In the course of nearly twenty years, Hans has founded a series of successful photonics-related enterprises in Enschede, Eastern Netherlands. He recently stepped down as CEO of Lionix International, in order to take on a new role as vice president of strategic business development. So, his influence on our industry will continue.

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, the EPIC annual general meeting, where this award would normally have been given, had to be postponed. But EPIC’s director of technology, José Pozo, says that this important achievement should not go unnoticed.

“As soon as we were able to travel again, we dropped by at Hans’ beautiful house in the spectacular Twente countryside. We brought cameras with us to not only record the official ceremony, but also to understand the story of how to build a photonics business with global impact in the 21st century. Europe has the best photonics research. So, what needs to change so we also have the best photonics manufacturers?”, Pozo explains.

During the half-hour chat, Hans shared some unique insights on growing successful photonics enterprises, understanding the customers, as well as building winning teams. The interview is packed with genuine lessons learned. We heard sharp, focused strategies which are excellent examples that others should follow.

Van den Vlekkert responded “This is a very nice surprise. I am very honored. I would like to thank EPIC for their recognition of a lot of hard work over the last twenty years. Finally, we can say that photonics is recognized worldwide as an important technology to improve the world. I hope to meet you all soon in one of the EPIC meetings.” (Source: EPIC)

Links: Interview on the EPIC YouTube ChannelEuropean Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), Paris, France


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