3D Live-Imaging of Retinal Organoids

Dynamic full-field optical coherence tomography: Image of a D29 retinal organoid, showing multiple cells with different dynamic profiles. (Source: J. Scholler et al., CNRS)

Current modalities for imaging living tissues and 3D cell cultures are invasive, slow or lacking in spatial resolution. Dynamic full-field optical coherence tomo­graphy (D-FFOCT) is a label-free, non-invasive, quan­titative technique allying high spatial and temporal reso­lutions. This technique relies on low coherence inter­ferometry to amplify the phase and amplitude fluc­tuations, created by moving scattering structures inside biological samples, yielding a motility contrast. D-FFOCT opens up the possibility of following the development of complex 3D multi­cellular structures, such as retinal organoids.

Now, a team of optics experts (Institut Langevin, Paris, France) led by Kate Grieve from the Quinze-Vingts National Eye Hospital (Paris, France), in colla­boration with cell biologists (Institut de la Vision, Paris, France), have developed and applied a new imaging modality for the imaging of in-development retinal organoids.

“We use the inter­ferometric ampli­fication of a full field optical coherence tomography device and study the fluc­tuation of the interferometric signal to quanti­tatively construct tomographic volumes with a metabolic contrast. Owing to our high sensitivity, we are able to re­construct highly contrasted images of almost trans­parent samples without using any exogenous labels”, the scientists explain.

“Owing to the full field confi­guration and the high sensitivity, our method is faster and requires much lower illu­mination intensity than nonlinear micro­scopy techniques that can damage the sample irre­versibly. This allows us to study the development of the same sample over periods of several weeks”, they added. “D-FFOCT will have many potential appli­cations for in vitro living tissue including disease modeling, cancer screening, and drug screening.” (Source: LPC-CAS)

Reference: J. Scholler et al.: Dynamic full-field optical coherence tomography: 3D live-imaging of retinal organoids, Light Sci. Appl. 9, 140 (2020); DOI: 10.1038/s41377-020-00375-8

Link: Institut Langevin, ESPCI Paris, PSL University, CNRS, Paris, France

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