1,000th Employee Welcomed in Berlin

A very special event that Berliner Glas is experiencing these days in Berlin: the 1,000th employee, Michaela Gabriel, is among the 13 new arrivals in December. On this joyful event, managing director Dr. Andreas Nitze and HR manager Regina Draheim-Krieg present on behalf of the entire workforce a bunch of flowers and the Berliner Glas welcome folder.

Michaela Gabriel (center) is welcomed by CEO Andreas Nitze and HR manager Regina Draheim-Krieg (Source: Berliner Glas)

When Berliner Glas started as a glasswork and glass wholesaler 67 years ago, nobody could have guessed that this was a rapidly developing company that would soon become one of the world’s leading suppliers of optical key components, assemblies and systems, refined technical glass and glass touch assemblies.
Of course, the expansion and transformation into a high-tech company was accompanied by a steady increase in the number of employees – an increase that made Berliner Glas a major employer in the south-east of Berlin.

In the past four years, Berliner Glas has recorded a continuous increase in personnel of more than seventy percent. Only four years ago, there were just under six hundred employees in Berlin, and the number of employees has now grown to more than one thousand. “We have set ourselves the goal of positioning the Berliner Glas Group as one of the leading providers in the market segments that use light as a tool, and we want to be the preferred partner for customers who produce technically sophisticated, light-using products – from conceptto volume production, which we have done very well in recent years. We are active in growth markets and grow together with our customers. This is also the reason why we are so successful today and have already welcomed the 1,000th employee in Berlin”, explains Nitze.

Not only has the number of employees increased, but also the diversity of professional groups. As late as the 1960s, employees were mainly involved in glass refining, while ten years later engineers were hired. In addition, over the years, precision opticians and, of course, commercial professions joined Berliner Glas, followed by physicists and other professional groups such as materials scientists, software engineers. Today, all these experts work hand in hand and realize new achievements every day.

An important source for skilled workers is their own education. Berliner Glas is investing heavily in its own young talents here. Every year, the company offers apprenticeships; last autumn, 14 young people began their training in various areas in Berlin.

By exceeding omne thousand employees, the development of the company in Berlin is far from over. In addition to various training opportunities, Berliner Glas currently also offers a variety of technical and commercial jobs. “We are still looking for skilled workers, and we are proud to have won over employees like Michaela Gabriel,” says Draheim-Krieg. Berliner Glas will continue to grow in future, requiring more skilled workers, developers, engineers and process engineers. (Source: Berliner Glas)

Link: Berliner Glas KGaA Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co., Berlin, Germany

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