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New Metamaterial for Solar Cells

Dielectric metamaterials do not heat under exposure to electromagnetic radiation

Evaluating Lidar in Real-World Conditions

Leti, Transdev, and IRT Nanoelec announce pilot program to assess new perception sensors for autonomous vehicles

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Trapping Atoms Better with Light

For the first time scientists demonstrated a highly efficient waveguide trap

Creaform Opens Automated Quality Control Demonstration Center

Complete Cube-R station open for benchmarks and demonstrations in Stuttgart, Germany

On-Chip Quantum Emitters

The new device shows a record-high firing of 42 million single photons per second

Digital Tiles Turn Walls into Cinema Screens

Digital, ceramic tiles can change colour, pattern, or play videos with a connected smartphone or tablet

Folding Optical Devices

New platform uses multiple metasurface elements that are fabricated in a single step

Cost-Efficient and in Real Time

Layer thickness measurement with terahertz

Long-Lived Nanolight in a 2D Material

In-plane anisotropic polaritons could enable directional and strong light–matter interactions

SPI Lasers Purchases New Manufacturing Site in UK 

Purchase will expand its manufacturing footprint in Rugby by approximately 100 %

Twisted Light Carries More Data

New technology could allow 100-times faster internet

Synchrotron Radiation in a Crystal

A new device accommodates speed along circular paths producing terahertz radiation

Maximum Light for Maximum Safety

Volkswagen relies on ultra-modern, interactive LED headlights, tail light clusters

A Cloud-Piercing Laser

An ultra-hot laser creates a temporary hole in a cloud to improve optical communication

Zeiss: New High-Tech Site Jena

Architectural concept aligned with tomorrow’s work environment

First Proof of a Transistor Random Laser

The laser emission can be routed and steered by applying an external voltage

Ten Years in the Capital

Anniversary of Schulz-Electronic at Technologiepark Adlershof, Berlin

Wide-Field Multiphoton Imaging

New method for tissue imaging could allow a more detailed and earlier diagnosis of cancer

Saint-Gobain’s New Laser Process Actilaz

Improved surface treatment of heat-insulating glass thanks to Trumpf and Manz know-how

Optical Centrifuges for Superrotors

Novel corkscrew-laser technique can send molecules spinning rapidly about a selected axis

Stemmer Imaging Goes Hyper­spectral

Acquisition of stakes in Perception Park, an innovative hyperspectral imaging software provider

Mantis Shrimp-Camera for Self-Driving Cars

Bioinspired Camera improves dynamic range and add polarization information

A Breakthrough for Cutting with Fiber Lasers

Tunable beam quality enables optimized cutting of thin and thick metal

Optical Communication with Perovskites

Optimized and stable high‐performance photodetectors are based on all‐inorganic cesium lead halide perovskite

Topological Insulators for Optoelectronics

An exciton-polariton topological insulator made of coupled semiconductor microcavities

In Memoriam Berthold Leibinger

Former CEO and chairman of the supervisory board of Trumpf passed away

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