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Breaking the Power Limit of Lasers

A new VCSEL-design aims to enhance slow-light optical feedback, thus extending the temporal laser bandwidth

Spectral Sensing for Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Testing

AMS technology chosen by optical metrology specialist Eldim

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Free-Space Optical Light for High-Speed Wifi

Nanocubes interact with the silver base in a way that enhances the photonic capabilities of the fluorescent dye

World’s First Laser to Operate with 349 nm Single Frequency

UniKLasers presents Duetto 349 DPSS cw device with a 50 mW output

Resonant Storing of Light

A new way to use resonance to harness the energy of light more effectively inside microresonators

Antares Vision Buys Applied Vision

US-based multinational a world leader in machine vision systems for the food & beverage industry

“A New Era in Large Area CMOS Imaging”

Teledyne Imaging’s new LACera technology promises new generation of scientific discovery

Switching Nanolight On and Off

A new way to program light with layered crystals on an ultra-small scale

Ficontec Invests in Robotechnik Intelligent Technology

Continued integrated photonics development within the Chinese region

Access to Infrastructure for Research Institutions and Companies

Fraunhofer IPMS and others join forces in European project ASCENT+

A Fano-Resonant Ultrathin Optical Coating

New kind of coating can simultaneously reflect and transmit the same wavelength

Lumibird Partners with GWU Lasertechnik

Combined commercialization of optical parametric oscillators and solid-state lasers

New Managing Director at Mahr

Dr Lutz Aschke is the new CFO/CIO of the Mahr Group

Hyperspectral Nanoimaging of 2D Materials

New imaging technique provides link to innovative products

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