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First All-Metamaterial Optical Gas Sensor

The device is ideal for the Internet of Things and smart home devices to detect changes in the environment

Nanowires Replace Newton’s Glass Prism

An ultraminiaturized device could image single cells without the need for a microscope

Webinar 10/10 AKL'20 Leica

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Nanowires for Transparent LEDs

For the first time, transparent conductive circuits made of silver nanowires used to make rigid and flexible transparent displays

Metal AM on the Verge of a Breakthrough

Alliance of six Fraunhofer institutes presents lighthouse project futureAM

Optical Tweezers for Photonic Nanosoldering

Optical traps are able to manipulate, align, and assemble metal-seeded nanowire building blocks in a range of organic solvents

LMI Technologies Acquires Optical Metrology Company FocalSpec

Line confocal technology for 2D and 3D inspection

Printing Colorful Holograms Faster

A new holoprinter technology combines low-power continuous lasers and fast printing

Additive Manufacturing Solutions for the APAC Region

TÜV Süd and Thyssen-Krupp Innovations sign MoU with the aim of jointly developing the market

Structured Light for Faster Communications

New patterns of light to create an alphabet that can be leveraged to build a light-based quantum network

A More Capable, Miniaturized Spectrometer

Applying telecommunications industry technology to develop a super-small instrument

Glowing Nanoparticles Control Biological Processes

Light from nanoparticle clusters was able to activate anticancer drugs within cells

Teaching Cars to Drive with Foresight

A new approach for semantic scene understanding of Lidar-sequences

Scintil Raises € 4 M in First-Round Funding

Funds will enable fabless company to accelerate industrialization of its technology and product development program

Light with Intrinsic Chirality

Synthetic chiral light selectively interacts with one of the two versions of a chiral molecule

Process-Safe Laser Welding of PPS

Next-generation optics let DIC and Evosys economically weld components made of the material in series

Tunable Dyes for Smart Devices

A two-component dye shows self-recovering mechanochromic luminescence with a high-contrast emission color change

Convert From Gaussian to Flat Top Beams

Edmund Optics now the sole online distributor of AdlOptica laser beam shapers

Ultrashort Flashes of Light under Optical Control

A new method for adjusting the extremely short time intervals between laser flashes with exceptional speed

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