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The Lightest Mirror in the World

As few as 100 atoms can reflect light when they act as a collective quantum system

A Photonic Device Comes to the Aid of COVID-19 Patients

International initiative Hemocovid-19 is testing a biophotonics tool for use within ICUs

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Microscope Lens Inspired by Lighthouse

Thin and cost-effective lens is 3D printed and has the capacity to put live cells under the microscope

Cycle Lasers Appoint Daniel Seiler as CEO

Manufacturer of laser-based time distribution and synchronization systems expands management team

The Most Sensitive Graphene Bolometer

New detector to catch photons at extremely high sensitivities and with fast time responses

New Light Amplifier Can Boost up Photonics

Sonia Garcia Blanco received Proof of Concept grant of the European Research Council

An Ultrafast Yellow Laser for Biomedical Applications

Frequency conversion to create a more practical, high-power femtosecond yellow laser

Megahertz-XUV Facility Opens for Use

First of its kind machine to probe ultrafast processes

Prototype of a Solar-Driven Laser

A fully planar device converts sunlight into a laser beam, which can efficiently power hydrogen fuel generators

Avantes Appoints New CEO

Pierre Warffemius takes over as of 14 September 2020

A Hyperspectral Projector for 3D Imaging

A new method to collect spatial and spectral information for self-driving cars, machine vision or crop monitoring

Süss MicroTec and Delo Collaborate on Imprint Lithography

Development and qualification of enhanced process solutions

Single Photon Emission from Monolayer Islands

A novel type of quantum emitter formed from spatially separated monolayer islands of InGaN

Creaform Names New Head of Sales

Marc-Antoine Schneider will oversee the company’s global sales teams and distribution network

First Flat Fisheye Lens

Metasurface made of a single piece of glass produces crisp panoramic images

UV Lenses for the Red Planet

Teledyne Acton Optics’ UV lenses and mirrors on board rover Perseverance

Multiplane Images Go 4D

A new approach to novel view synthesis under time-varying illumination

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