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World’s First Laser to Operate with 349 nm Single Frequency

UniKLasers presents Duetto 349 DPSS cw device with a 50 mW output

Advanced Imaging Solutions for Use with PCR Instruments

Atik Cameras signs multiple new contracts with leading global PCR manufacturers

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A Cross-Vendor Optics Discovery Portal

More than 40,000 optical elements from 17 different vendors available in the portal

A New Optical Sensor for Acceleration

The optomechanical accelerometer could be used as a portable, high-accuracy reference device

Tofmotion Contributes to Pandemic Research Project

High performance computing in life science

Turnkey Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Manz: From the laboratory to the fully integrated production line

Thin-Film LEDs for Virtual Reality Technologies

Directional and polarized emissions from an organic LED without external optical elements

Fugro’s Technologies Monitor Amsterdam’s Bridges and Quay Walls

Mobile laser scanning technology for large-scale surveying of structural integrity

Chromatic Photon Effect for Quantum Networks

A novel photonic interference effect could pave the way to large-scale controllable quantum systems

Additive Manufacturing for Mass Production

New 3D printer from Trumpf uses second laser to double productivity

Bringing Near-Infrared Spectroscopy into Smartphones

Trinamix and Viavi Solutions join forces

Millimeter Wave Photonics with Terahertz Lasers

New approach for compact, low noise mm-wave generation using THz frequency combs

Lidar Systems Based on Integrated Optical Phased Arrays

OPAs with solid-state beam steering can reduce the cost and size

Active Silicon and Solid State Embark on a New Chapter

Following acquisition, digital imaging specialist becomes part of tech group

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