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The Lightest Mirror in the World

As few as 100 atoms can reflect light when they act as a collective quantum system

A Photonic Device Comes to the Aid of COVID-19 Patients

International initiative Hemocovid-19 is testing a biophotonics tool for use within ICUs

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The World’s Fastest UV Camera

Compressed ultrafast photography provides an imaging speed of 0.5 trillion frames per second

Li-Fi Allows for Ultrafast Underwater Communications

Hydromea has developed a miniature optical modem that can operate down to 6,000 meters below the ocean’s surface

How Nanotubes Transport Light

An ordered optical behaviour can emerge from a disordered molecular structure

Merger of ISRA Vision into Atlas Copco

Swedish multinational industrial company requested a squeeze-out of the minority shareholders of German machine vision expert

Growing 2D Materials on Optical Fibers

Integrating transition metal dichalcogenides into specially developed glass fibers

Safely Killing SARS-CoV-2: 222 vs 254 nm UV-C

Evidence that 222 nm ultraviolet – which is safer to use around humans – effectively destroys Coronavirus

Metasurfaces for High Contrast Imaging

New method works as a 2D differentiator with the 2D edge detection covering all the visible frequencies

Early-Stage Photonic Device Test and Evaluation

PIXAPP launches new prototype packaging platforms

Microscope Lens Inspired by Lighthouse

Thin and cost-effective lens is 3D printed and has the capacity to put live cells under the microscope

Cycle Lasers Appoint Daniel Seiler as CEO

Manufacturer of laser-based time distribution and synchronization systems expands management team

The Most Sensitive Graphene Bolometer

New detector to catch photons at extremely high sensitivities and with fast time responses

New Light Amplifier Can Boost up Photonics

Sonia Garcia Blanco received Proof of Concept grant of the European Research Council

An Ultrafast Yellow Laser for Biomedical Applications

Frequency conversion to create a more practical, high-power femtosecond yellow laser

Megahertz-XUV Facility Opens for Use

First of its kind machine to probe ultrafast processes

Prototype of a Solar-Driven Laser

A fully planar device converts sunlight into a laser beam, which can efficiently power hydrogen fuel generators

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