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Breaking the Power Limit of Lasers

A new VCSEL-design aims to enhance slow-light optical feedback, thus extending the temporal laser bandwidth

Spectral Sensing for Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Testing

AMS technology chosen by optical metrology specialist Eldim

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Investment in Optical Spectroscopy Start-Up

Seed capital for MantiSpectra, a recent spin-off from TU Eindhoven

A New Method of Optical Distance Measurement

Using methods from quantum information theory to overcome the resolution limit

A New Efficient, Pure-Blue OLED

Novel approach shows promise for overcoming the bottleneck of blue emission in displays using organic light-emitting diodes

Luxinar Expands in the USA

Michigan sales and service office opened for North American and Mexican customers

Videos Beamed Straight onto Human Retina

A new miniature laser-based device for wearable displays and smart glasses

New Cleanrooms and Added Testing Capabilities

Jenoptik expands production capacity at Florida facility

New Method for Fluorescence Microscopy

A fluorescence lifetime microscopy technique uses frequency combs and no mechanical parts to observe dynamic biological phenomena

Successor for El-Khoury as CEO of CSEM

Board of directors has appointed Alexandre Pauchard effective as of 18 January 2021

A World Record Transmission in an Optical Fiber

Successful transmission of 1 petabit per second using a single-core multimode optical fiber

Corsa Project to Fight Coronaviruses

Scientists develop special UVC light-emitting diodes

Optical Network Accelerates Machine Learning

Innovation heralds a new era of optical signal processing for machine learning with numerous applications

Hitachi Acquires VLC Photonics

High-tech corporation adds photonic integration engineering, design and test to its portfolio

New LED Emits Warm and Cool White Light

Sophisticated design for LEDs include both blue-light emitting quantum wells and red quantum wells

LPKF Opens Cleanroom Fab

Production of microstructure components from thin glass using LIDE technology

New Phase for Synthetic Aperture Microscopy

New method with unprecedented spatial resolution and speed, enough to observe subcellular dynamics

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