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New Concept for Spectral Cloaking

Alternative approach to invisibility cloaking could be used to secure data transmissions

Major Step in Large-Scale Production Photonics Chips

High-tech assembly machine demo during Dutch national Photonics Event

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A New Generation of Lasers

“Advanced Photon Sources” user facility with two application laboratories will start in 2018

Highly Sensitive Optical Pressure Sensors

An intensely luminescent chromium(III)-complexe show surprising pressure‐induced red shifts

New Solar Technology for the Energy Transition

Innovative materials for possible use as high-efficiency photovoltaic cells

Photonic Capsules for Injectable Laser Resonators

Helical nanostructures can be artificially created using liquid crystals

Ohler and Franz Take Over at 4D

Founders Mommsen and handed over their reign to next generation

New Materials for 3D-Displays

New path to synthesize symmetry-based S- and X-shaped double hexahelicenes

Award-Winning Laser Ablation System

MicroPREP 2.0 provides order of magnitude time and cost savings compared to traditional sample preparation methods

Long-Haul Optical Transmission Link

Fiber-optic transmission of 4000 km made possible by ultra-low-noise optical amplifiers

27.3 %: World Record for Perovskite Solar Cells

Three teams present outstanding developments at World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion

Macroscale Fluorescence Imaging

First confocal microscopy based macro-FLIM system with cellular resolution

Schleifenbaum Joins ACAM Management Team

RWTH Digital Photonic Production Chair appointed managing partner of Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing

Color Change of Pigments

New composite material can mimic animals’ changes in color

3D Printing Establishes Itself in Mechanical Engineering

Prototyping remains most common application, serial applications increasing

Metasurface as an Optical Mixer

First nanostructured material for broad mixing of light waves

Király Joins Vision Components

New business development director for North and South America

New Concept for Spectral Cloaking

Alternative approach to invisibility cloaking could be used to secure data transmissions

SPI Lasers Opens Service Center in the US

Fiber laser maker expands sales and customer support locations in Asia and North America

Speed Limit for Optomechanical Metamaterials

New pathway for thin, flexible gadgets for interactive visualisation technology

Teem Photonics Appoints Pascal Langlois

New chairman of the supervisory board for privately-held company based near Grenoble, France

Femtosecond Optics for Faster Chips

New nano-antennas to be integrated into terahertz, optoelectronik circuits

Rofin-Sinar UK Opens Offices in China, Italy

New regional headquarters in Rivoli, Turin, and branch office in Shanghai

Crystals with Giant Optical Anisotropy

A fundamental new building block for linear and nonlinear optical components such as polarizers and wave plates

APWorks, Heraeus, Team with SAP’s Platform for 3D Printing

Heraeus new partner for the high-strength aluminum alloy for 3D printing

The Photo­electric Effect in Stereo

Attosecond laser pulses to determine the exact location of a photoionization event

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