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A Chip-Based Nonmechanical Beam Steerer

The new devices provide steering in two dimensions without relying on moving parts

First Quantum Dot Mode-Locked Laser Grown on Silicon

The new prototype shows a proven 4.1 terabit-per-second transmission capacity

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Repulsive Photons

Manipulating photons inside a semiconductor material to make them repel each other

Dual Leadership for GFH

Florian Lendner joins the management in addition to Anton Pauli

Quantum Dots for Cheaper IR-Cameras

New approach could make technology available for self-driving cars and consumer electronics

“Coherent Munich”: Combining Competence under One Roof

Center of Excellence for industrial laser processing systems and sub-systems

High Potential of Thin-Film PV

New white paper shows thin-film PV as key technology to drive global energy transition

Macom and Globalfoundries to Collaborate

Scaling silicon photonics to hyperscale cloud Data Center and 5G network buildouts

Quantum Optical Microcombs

New device could be an important component of quantum computer systems

Fast Laser Helps Doctors Image Full Eye in 3D

Early and better diagnosis and follow-up treatments help to prevent eye diseases from turning into blindness

Entangling Photons of Different Colors

New approach for a novel chip-based device for quantum communication

New CTO and Head of R&D for Fisba

Christian Zellweger to succeed Dr. Martin Forrer

Anti-Laser as Perfect Absorber

Complicated structures in two or three dimensions can perfectly absorb a specially tailored wave

Economical Engines Due to Laser-Structured Surfaces

Joint research project “Prometheus” further develops surface technology for lower CO2 emissions

Astrocombs for Planet-Hunting Telescopes

New tool for discovery and characterization of exoplanets around nearby stars

Growing Demand for Diamond Windows Due to EUV Lithography

II-VI expands its manufacturing capacity of diamond windows for Trumpf high power CO2 lasers in EUV lithography

High Efficiency of Deep Ultraviolet LEDs

Steps that form during LED fabrication improve their efficiency by creating tiny paths of electric current

4th Generation Time-of-Flight Image Sensors

REAL3 with HVGA resolution for high quality photo effects and more

Iridescent Color from Clear Droplets

Changing the size and shape of the droplets changes the colors they produce

Making Germany’s Industry More Innovative and Competitive

€ 60 M to establish joint technology transfer fund

Photonic Cooling with an LED

Demonstration of active nanophotonic cooling for solid-state refrigeration and on-chip device cooling

World Record in Laser-Driven Electron Acceleration

Laser-drilling allows the production of electron beams with energetic peaks up to 7.8 GeV

Optoscribe and Sumitomo Electric Announce Strategic Cooperation

Addressing to deliver multicore fiber components for datacom and telecom applications

Annihilation With Spiraling Electrons

New approach could lead to advances in lighting and solar cells

Digital Innovation Hub Photonics Launched in Jena

Support for founders and young entrepreneurs in photonics

The Smallest Optical Frequency Comb

A photonic integrated, compact, and portable soliton microcomb source is driven by an on-chip indium phosphide laser

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