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OLED with Only One Single Layer

New approach simplifies the production of OLEDs and paves the way for printable displays

A Microscope for Automated Live Cell Imaging

CX-A defines a new standard for live cell imaging in 96 well plates for continuous organelle monitoring in cell populations

Webinar 10/10 AKL'20 Leica

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Nanowires Replace Newton’s Glass Prism

An ultraminiaturized device could image single cells without the need for a microscope

Volkswagen Invests in 3D Holography

VW has acquired a minority stake in SeeReal Technologies

Conducting Under UV-Irradiation

A molecular insulating crystal reversibly exhibiting a metal-like state found under UV-irradiation

Luxinar Opens German Office

New office includes demonstration of local application capabilities

Quantum Optics in Topological Waveguides

New principle for quantum simulators in which quantum bits can exchange light quanta via a waveguide

FlyEyes for Planetary Defense

ESA’s first bug-eyed asteroid hunter being installed in Sicily

All-Optical Neural Network for Deep Learning

In the network linear operations are programmed by spatial light modulators and Fourier lenses

TKH Group Acquires 100 % of the Shares in SVS-Vistek

Takeover to strengthens TKH’s position in vision technology

Graphene for Super-Resolution Microscopy

New method measures extremely small distances in the order of 1 ångström with high accuracy and reproducibility

Porsche Invests in Photonics Start-up

Strategic financing of TriEye’s sensor technology for short-wave infrared

First All-Metamaterial Optical Gas Sensor

The device is ideal for the Internet of Things and smart home devices to detect changes in the environment

Ximea Team Is Growing and Changing

Jürgen Hillmann to become second managing director

Entanglement Over 50 km of Optical Fiber

A quantum internet promises absolutely tap-proof communication and powerful distributed sensor networks

EPIC and VRARA Partner to Advance VR/AR Industry

Memorandum of understanding signed at EPIC World Photonics Technology Summit 2019

Eye Imaging with Increased Resolution

Optical coherence refraction tomography (OCRT) extends the superior axial resolution to the lateral dimension

World’s Fastest Soft X-Ray Camera

DSSC detector expands capabilities of the instrument for spectroscopy and coherent scattering

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