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The Most Sensitive Graphene Bolometer

New detector to catch photons at extremely high sensitivities and with fast time responses

Cool Eyes on Fever Screening

Full-face readings can optimize fever screening with infrared thermographs

Photonics Online Meeting #2 WAS Conference Webinar 9/29

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Infrared OLEDs Reach New World Record

Prototypes harness triplet energy without relying on metal atoms

AI and Photonics Join Forces

Australian scientists’ invention deciphers the twinkle of stars to find ‘new Earths’

Mimicking Moth Eyes for Anti-Reflective Coatings

A new, simple and scalable strategy to produce resin films with anti-reflective nanostructures

New CEO at Satisloh Group

Bruno Fischer succeeding Pete Lothes who transfers to Essilor America

Liquid Window Saves Energy

Window panel with hydrogels can simultaneously block the sun to regulate solar transmission while trapping thermal heat

Trumpf and Sick Develop First Industrial Quantum Sensor

Experts estimate total market for quantum sensors at about € 1.1 B by 2023

An Efficient Modem for the Future Quantum Internet

Basic technology will allow users to connect to a future quantum internet that is based on the existing fiber optic network infrastructure

Avi Cohen Joins Nanofabrica as EVP Global Sales

Company is using 3D printing as a truly viable production technology

Terahertz Waves Image Breast Cancer

New approach to a rapid and precise on-site diagnosis of various types of cancer

ATD Electronique Becomes Macnica ATD Europe

Name change effective of 1st October 2020

An Optically Controlled Quantum Network

A nanoscale node could interact with other nodes, using laser light to emit and accept photons

Roman Shipwreck Analyzed with LIDAR

Generates 3D images enables archeologists to visually analyze underwater ruins

Luminescent Wood Could Light Up Homes

A bio-based, polymer matrix-free, luminescent, and hydrophobic film shows excellent mechanical properties for optical lighting purposes

New Pan-European Photonics Digital Innovation Hub

PhotonHub Europe has been awarded € 19 M EU Horizon 2020 investment

Photonic Barcodes Record Energy Transfer

Cavity-enhanced radiative energy transfer converts information from a single droplet into trillions of photonic barcodes

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