Zeiss Initiative: Digital Transformation

Effective 1 October 2016, Member of the Executive Board and CFO of Zeiss, Thomas Spitzenpfeil, also assumed the role of CIO. (Source:Zeiss)

Effective 1 October 2016, Member of the Executive Board and CFO of Zeiss Thomas Spitzenpfeil also assumed the role of CIO. (Source: Zeiss)

Zeiss considers the digital trans­formation being a key success factor for the company and great efforts are being made by the exec­utive board to ensure its progress. In order to high­light its importance, effective 1 October 2016, Member of the Exec­utive Board and Chief Finan­cial Officer Thomas Spitzen­pfeil will also be assuming the role of Chief Infor­mation Officer.

For Zeiss, the objective is digital trans­for­mation at high speed and for as many customer and user groups as possible. In a bid to achieve this, the requisite organi­zational structures are all set to be revised under Spitzenpfeil’s leadership.

The accelerated development of innovative, digital solutions in collaboration with the company’s business groups will be supported on the one hand by a new unit that is currently being expanded. On the other hand, Corporate IT will be stepping up its efforts to drive the expansion this necessitates – in terms of digital IT infrastructure, systems and processes. Zeiss wants to use the new structure, which comes from a single source, to better meet changing customer needs for integrated, digital solutions.

Former CIO Hans-Achim Quitmann retired on 30 September 2016. He joined Zeiss in 2011 as its first CIO and laid the groundwork for digitalization by realigning IT across the Group. The role of Senior Vice President of Corporate IT will be assumed by Michael Belko, who has been the Vice President of the IT Solution Center. Senior Vice President Matthias Gohl, who has been in charge of corporate strategy, will assume responsibility for the setup of the new agile digitalization unit.

The realignment is a key part of the high-tech company’s digitalization strategy. Its firm establishment at Executive Board level conveys the high value that digital transformation has been accorded at Zeiss.

“In recent years, Hans-Achim Quitmann successfully laid the groundwork for the digital expansion of our IT structures and processes. We would like to thank him for his efforts and wish him all the best in his future endeavors,” says Thomas Spitzenpfeil.

“With the organizational realignment and the appointment of Thomas Spitzenpfeil as the new CIO, who now assumes responsibility for Corporate IT and the new agile unit for innovative, digital solutions, the topic of digital transformation, which we believe is important for the future, is now being accorded even greater significance at Executive Board level,” says Dr. Michael Kaschke, Zeiss’President and CEO. (Source: Zeiss)

Link: Carl Zeiss AG / Carl Zeiss Group, Oberkochen, Germany

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