World Leader in Microscopy Teams with French Startup

Each Argo-M slide contains six fluorescent patterns (Source: Argolight)

Each Argo-M slide contains six fluorescent patterns (Source: Argolight)

Carl Zeiss France, subsidiary of Carl Zeiss group, the worldwide microscopy leader, is on the verge of distributing the first reliable tool to monitor fluorescence microscopes quality. As of October 2015, the company will offer its clients to add an Argo-M slide, a calibration slide designed and manufactured by Argolight, to their systems, under the maintenance contracts of its fluorescence microscopes.

Fluorescence imaging is commonly used in the fields of medical and pharmaceutical research, a market representing about 280 million euros each year. Created in 2012, Argolight, a company located near Bordeaux, France, commercializes an innovative technology allowing for the first time to assess and monitor the quality of fluorescent-based systems.

The standardization and monitoring of a microscope performances enables an increase of the reliability and the reproducibility of its measures. This leads to reduce the cost of analysis if the system is used for medical diagnostic, or the cost of development if used within a Research and Development program.

Carl Zeiss, a historical player in microscopy, has found an ally in Argolight that is able to provide a unique and innovative technology with high added-value. The French company is currently conducting a round of funding and is expanding to the international market. (Source: Zeiss)

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