Walt Czajkowski to Head Fisba LLC

Fisba is happy to announce the appointment of Walt Czajkowski as Managing Director for its US subsidiary Fisba LLC in Tucson, Arizona. He has taken over his new duties in August 2015, following the launch in 2014 of the collaboration project with Edmund Optics (EO) for the development of precision molding of infrared optics based on chalcogenide glass materials.

Walt Czajkowski has a long standing career in the field of precision optics. He has held a variety of different positions exclusively within Optics Manufacturing with assignments including Research and Development, Manufacturing Engineering, Process Engineering, Manufacturing Supervision, Project / Program Management and VP of World Wide Optics Operations.

He has launched the starting phase and taken a leading role in promoting the collaboration project between Fisba and EO and both company’s management decided to have Walt focus exclusively on it. As such,  Czajkowski was appointed as Managing Director of the Tucson-based production subsidiary of Fisba, leading a team of local Fisba employees and closely interacting with EO to achieve further success in this cooperation. (Source: Fisba)


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