Vibration isolated Optical Tables and Cleanroom Solutions

Cleanroom cabinets and housings or tents, respectively, with laminar flow boxes are a very efficient method to protect sensitive, high quality products from unwanted contamination and to ensure process reliability. The “Laminar-Flow” is a smooth flow of ultra clean filtered air travelling at equal speed over the protective area and results in a nearly complete control and removal of all airborne particles. Applications are mainly within laser technology, precision optics and optoelectronics as well as in biomedicine and microelectronics.

Since more than 23 years, OPTA designs and manufactures customized freestanding cleanroom cabinets or tents and table-housings to specified demands, including laser-safety. The portfolio also comprises standard and customized breadboards, optical tables and table systems in different materials, sizes and forms. Modular removable or sliding door elements, lighting, electrical outlets or cable channels are possible as well as ionization chambers or temperature stabilization of the cleanroom. Due to its own engineering and production facilities, the German manufacturer offers tailored design, high quality and a convincing price performance ratio. Aside its flexibility on customer demands, the company offers a reliable customer and installation service.

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