Versatile Precision Linear Stage Adapts Itself to the Application

Very compact precision linear stage “PIMag® V-508” that is able to adapt itself to various different requirements thanks to its modular construction principle. With travel ranges of 80, 170, and 250 mm, different drives, and measuring systems with resolutions into the subnanometer range, the flexible linear stage is not only suitable, for example, for laser engraving and high-resolution laser marking, but also for applications in measuring technology and photonics or for precision scanning in industry and research.

The linear stages have a width of only 80 mm, a height of 25 mm and can also be combined to multi-axis systems if required. Three-phase linear motors are the driving force behind this flexible linear stage. They don’t have any mechanical components in the drivetrain and transfer the drive force directly to the motion platform without any friction. This makes velocities up to 1 m/s and accelerations up to 5 m/s2 possible. Crossed roller bearings with anti-creep system ensure high guiding accuracy. Ironless motors are used for applications that require particularly jerk-free and smooth running. In contrast, motors with an iron core are suitable for high forces and acceleration. Different measuring systems are used for detecting the position: Incremental linear encoders with a resolution of 10 nm or 0.2 nm as well as an absolute encoder with a resolution of 78 nm. Correspondingly, minimum incremental motion is 20 nm, 0.5 nm or 160 nm.

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