Ultra-stable Lasers Combine Low Noise and High Power



The new lasers provide several new features and improvements such as a significantly higher free-running wavelength stability and larger tuning range. Moreover, they come with internal fast wavelength modulation capabilities, and a build-in wave-function generator, which are both controlled through a user-friendly GUI. This eliminates the need for a costly external piezo driver and ensures lowest possible noise. The system is available at any wavelength in the ranges from 1050 to 1090 nm and 1540 to 1570 nm with up to 15 W of output power, it offers shot-noise limited performance with Hz range linewidth and low phase noise and is controlled through a user-friendly interface. The wavelength stability against environmental temperature changes is improved (0.1 pm/K).

High precision metrology, where ultra-stable and low noise laser operation is critical. Among the most important applications are optical length and frequency standards; quantum optics and computing as well as phenomena such as optical trapping, optical lattice, Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC), atom interferometers, and squeezing; nonlinear optics pump source (SHG, DFG, OPO); laser-based metrology (precision laser interferometry and spectroscopy); optical heterodyning and coherent communication; coherent beam combining.

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