Two Networks – One Goal: “Photonics Hub”

On 25 September 2018, representatives of Optence e.V. and Bayern Photonics e.V. signed the partnership agreement to establish Photonics Hub GmbH, thus setting the course for a promising future of the two networks.

Alfred Jacobsen (president Optence), Dr. Jürgen Petter (vice pre­sident), Daniela Reuter (director), Dr. Horst Sickinger, and Dr. Johannes Pfund (Bayern Photonics Board; source: Optence)

Photonics Hub starts operations in January 2019. The team, consisting of seven experienced colleagues from the regional networks, will offer a comprehensive range of services to the approximately 190 members and to the rest of the photonics industry. Regional support of members is still assured by Optence e.V. for the states Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, and Bayern Photonics for Bavaria.

“Due to its ample capital and personnel resources and in particular thanks to the highly motivated team, Photonics Hub will become an excellent service provider with growth potential for the industry”, says Daniela Reuter, executive director of Photonics Hub and Optence. Dr. Horst Sickinger, executive director of Bayern Photonics and future deputy executive director of Photonics Hub, adds: “Our members have overwhelmingly endorsed this merger. The general meetings of both Optence and Bayern Photonics have unanimously approved Photonics Hub as a joint partnership.”

The agenda of Photonics Hub includes numerous events, training sessions, working groups, new cooperative projects and technology scouting as well as international activities in Europe and beyond that will help members entering foreign markets. (Source: Optence)

Links: Optence e.V., Wörrstadt, Germanybayern photonics e.V., Grafrath, Germany

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