Trotec Laser Opens Subsidiary in Mexico

New Trotec team in Mexico (Source: Trotec)

New Trotec team in Mexico (Source: Trotec)

With the acquisition of Gizmo SA, a former distributor, and the founding of the new subsidiary in San Franciso del Rincón, León, Trotec Laser GmbH has successfully taken a further step into the large and important South American market.

This acquisition and integration will improve Trotec’s market standing in the important area of South America as well as strengthen the company’s role as an international market leader in the laser sector. This step will also help the company achieve its targeted growth strategy for 2020 with the defined turnover target of 200 million euros.

Gizmo has approximately twenty years of market experience and corresponding know-how in the laser business.

Andreas Penz, Managin Director Trotec Laser GmbH (Source: Trotec)

Andreas Penz, Managin Director Trotec Laser GmbH (Source: Trotec)

“Having a strong physical presence in this area and offering the best customer service will be key to growing business in this area,” explains Andreas Penz, Managing Director of Trotec Laser. “Our acquisition in Latin America chiefly represents a strengthening of our global market presence and market share in this growing area.”

The previous owner, Joel Ríos, was appointed managing director of the new subsidiary, which has taken on the team from Gizmo, consisting of some twenty members of staff. With this, Trotec  has now grown to more than 450 employees worldwide.

“At Gizmo, we feel proud to be the first Spanish-speaking subsidiary to become a part of the Trodat Trotec Group. Trotec Laser and Gizmo have been business partners for almost two decades, and now both companies are witnessing a new phase that will strengthen the relationship with our customers, by focusing our efforts on service and the customers themselves,” says Ríos. (Source: Trotec)

Link: Trotec Laser GmbH, Wels, Austria • Gizmo S.A. de C.V., San Franciso del Rincón, León, Mexico



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