Three Finalists – Inno­vation Award Laser Tech­nology 2018

Thorge Hammer (Volkswagen) and Axel Luft (Laserline; 3rd and 4th from left) holding the trophy for the winning team at the Innovation Award Laser Technology 2018 (Source: Wiley, LTJ, -od)

The first, second and third-placed teams of the Innovation Award Laser Technology 2018 have been disclosed and announced during the awarding ceremony on 2nd May 2018 in Aachen’s town hall as part of the International Laser Technology Congress AKL’18. The winner – as the spokesman and representative of the first-placed team – receives the prize money of 10,000 euros and is awarded the honorary memberships „AKL Fellow“ and „ELI Fellow“ by the award-organizing associations Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik and European Laser Institute.

RAIO DSS technology control Software (Source: Talens Systems)

The international jury selected on the basis of merit and the published criteria three outstanding finalists among the numerous applications for the Innovation Award Laser Technology 2018. The three finalists – listed in alphabetic order of the names of the team representatives – are:

“RAIO DSS: A High Flexibility Dynamic Beam Control System for Laser Heat Treatment and Related High Power Laser Applications” – a team from the Etxe-Tar Group’s Talens Systems and Ikergune S.L., represented by Alejandro Bárcena,

“Multi Parallel Ultrafast Laser Ablation for Large Scale Ultraprecision Manufacturing” – a project of Saueressig, Fraunhofer ILT, Schepers, LIMO, and Edgewave, headed by Dr. Gerald Jenke, and

“OR” spot brazing process at 4,5 m/min robot speed (Source: Laserline)

“Multi Spot Modules to Improve Joining Processes due to Tailored Spot Geometries” – a BMBF-funded development by Laserline, VW, and Scansonic, led by Dr. Axel Luft.

The three team principals are going to describe their projects in detail in interviews with the editors of Laser Technik Journal.

Dr. Paul Hilton, speaker of the international jury, pointed out the outstanding innovations of the 3 finalist project teams in the field of laser technology. The jury conferred the 1st prize of the Innovation Award Laser Technology 2018 provided with 10 000 euro prize money to Dr. Axel Luft, Sales Manager Global Automotive of Laserline GmbH and his team, Jenke and Bárcena were runner-ups.

The prize winner Dr. Axel Luft has been awarded the title of “AKL Fellow” and “ELI Fellow”. The certificates for the first, second and third placed finalist teams were handed over during the award ceremony in Aachen by Ulrich Berners, president of the Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik AKL e.V. and Dr. Alexander Olowinsky, president of the European Laser Institute ELI.

Inspection and quality control of the engraved printing and functional elements (Source: Saueressig)

The Innovation Award Laser Technology is a European research prize awarded every two years by the associations Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik and the European Laser Institute ELI. The award can be conferred on an individual researcher or on an entire project group, whose exceptional skills and dedicated work have led to an outstanding innovation in the field of laser technology. The scientific and technological projects in question must essentially center on the use of laser light in materials processing or the methods of producing such light, and must furthermore be of demonstrable commercial value to industry. (Source: AKL)

Link: Innovation Award Laser Technology, Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik e.V. & European Laser Institute e.V., Aachen, Germany

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