The Keopsys-Quantel Group Becomes Lumibird

The new European champion for lasers, created through the business combination between the Keopsys and Quantel groups in October 2017, is adopting a new name, Lumibird, to express its new scale.

Lumibird becomes the new name for the combination of Keopsys Group and Quantel

Former Quantel held a combined general meeting for its shareholders on May 17, 2018 in Les Ulis, France, where all the ordinary and extraordinary resolutions recommended by the board of directors were adopted, including the change of the corporate name to Lumibird and the ratification of the transfer of the registered office to 2 rue Paul Sabatier, 22300 Lannion, France. In addition to uniting all the entities together under one single banner, the choice of a new name is also intended to support the group’s ambition to be a major global player for lasers.

For Marc Le Flohic, Chairman and CEO: “The name Lumibird is closely aligned with the world of light, while standing out from the conventional practices of technology companies, with a soft, poetic sound. It conveys values of freedom, exploration, group spirit. It symbolizes the shared ambition to go further and higher with our project to democratize lasers in order to help drive the development of future technologies”.

Lumibird will be the new corporate name of the parent company controlling the group, listed on the stock market (still called Quantel currently). The commercial brands Keopsys and Quantel will continue to operate on their markets. (Sources: Quantel / Keopsys)


Further reading: Quantel: Marc le Flohic Appointed Chairman and CEO, 28th November 2016 by PVeditors,, November 28th, 2016

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