Ten Years in the Capital

Some call it a good instinct, others a farsighted business decision. Ten years ago, power supply specialist Schulz-Electronic from Baden-Baden decided to establish a branch office in Berlin and opted for the location of the Adlershof Technology Park. For one hundred years now, Adlershof has been a focus for research and progress. Today, approximately 1,100 enterprises and organizations with over 18,000 employees share the park area of more than four square kilometers with prestigious non-university research institutions and the Humboldt University campus.

The Team in Adlershof: Michael Neeb, Wolfgang Vogt, and Juliane Weickert (l. to r.; source: Schulz-Electronic)

Industrial engineer Michael Neeb has headed the Berlin office right from the start and today, together with two colleagues, he provides a service for customers throughout Eastern and Northern Germany. The fact that the team has succeeded in increasing sales fourfold over the last ten years demonstrates what a canny decision it was to adopt this location.

Neeb says: “Our customers are research and science oriented. They work primarily in the automotive, aerospace, marine and military, laser, and railway technology sectors. Apart from Berlin, they are situated mainly in Bremen, Hamburg, Dresden, Chemnitz, and Jena. They benefit from our excellent product portfolio, complemented by comprehensive consultation, competent support, and the complete commissioning and start-up of our power supply solutions. Applications technician Wolfgang Vogt has been on board since 2016. He puts his expertise at the service of customers, providing them with in-depth technical advice.”

Schulz-Electronic managing director Hubert Maier comments: “Michael Neeb is the right type of person for the dynamic environment of this top Berlin location. He regularly takes part in meetings of the Laserverbund (Berlin-Brandenburg laser association) and attends e-mobility congresses. He also has very good contacts in Adlershof and visits regional trade shows and exhibitions. The result is a pleasing increase in the numbers of large assignments. In the meantime our office in Berlin has become a widely-recognized and established address for research and universities, laser users, the aerospace sector, and the railways.” (Source: Schulz-Electronic)

Link: Schulz-Electronic GmbH, Baden-Baden, Germany

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