Volkswagen Invests in 3D Holography

VW has acquired a minority stake in SeeReal Technologies

Maximum Light for Maximum Safety

Volkswagen relies on ultra-modern, interactive LED headlights, tail light clusters

Advancing Laser Technology for Producing Plastic Molds

Joint research project “eVerest” to enable efficient machining of surfaces in the automobile industry

Three Finalists – Inno­vation Award Laser Tech­nology 2018

Winners announced during award ceremony as part of the International Laser Technology Congress AKL’18

Structuring Metal Surfaces Efficiently

New laser machine for the automotive industry

3D Models for Automotive Production Lines

3D scanners to find out how an automotive assembly line must be retrofitted for a change of model

Live-Saving Lasers

A compact laser unit shall be developed that can be used when conventional rescue tools reach their limits

Lighter with Laser Welding

Project LaserLeichter works on a laser welding process for joining steel and aluminum in a hybrid design