A New Lightsource for Photonic Chips

New light-emitting silicon-germanium alloys for silicon lasers

New Fabrication Approach for Photonic Circuits

Emerging reconfigurable photonic devices and applications benefit from metastable optical properties

Mass Market Applications for Li-Fi

New EU consortium ELIoT to propel Internet traveling over light

InPulse PIC Pilot Line Kicks Off

European partners started project to accelerate the development of indium phosphide-based PICs

Optical Switching with Spintronics

New approach to optimize the process of data storage in future photonic integrated circuits

A Nanolaser Shines in All Directions

Irregularities in the materials of the laser are responsible for the omnidirectional light emission

Micro-Spectrometer for Smartphones

New system consists of a photonic crystal cavity with an integrated quantum dot photodiode

From Vehicles to Architectural Lighting 

New design tools bring large-area LED products on the market with speed, quality and lower costs

More Efficient Nano-LED

Prototype is capable of handling gigabits per second data speeds