Prism Awards Recognize Groundbreaking Light-Based Innovations

Awards in eight previous and two new categories for innovations in various photonic technologies

Toptica Welcomes new Marketing Director

Jan Brubacher now heads the marketing and communications department

A Fast and Flexible Advanced Terahertz Imaging Platform

“Terahertz Imaging Extension” by Toptica, co-developed with Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute

O Thou Who by a Star Didst Guide

ESO Signs Contract for ELT Guide Star Laser Sources with Toptica / MPBC Guidestar Alliance

Guide Star Alliance receives OSA Engineering Award

Project led by Toptica recognized with Paul F. Forman Team Award

Quantum Initiative Starts with Optical Single-Ion Clock

Qutega pilot project Opticlock has been launched in May

Sodium Guide Star (R)Evolution

Novel guide star laser enables next-generation adaptive optics for ground-based astronomy

Four Innovations and One Future Prize

Awards ceremony for the 2016 Berthold Leibinger laser prizes

Toptica Strengthens Presence in Japan

Operations of Toptica KK start September 1st, 2016

PIX4life: Miniaturized Lasers for Life Sciences

Toptica part of consortium for project in the EU’s “Photonics21” program