Stemmer Imaging: Arne Dehn to Become CEO

He will take over the CEO position from Christof Zollitsch as of 1 January 2019

Stemmer Imaging Goes Hyper­spectral

Acquisition of stakes in Perception Park, an innovative hyperspectral imaging software provider

Stemmer Imaging Acquired Elvitec

Strengthening its presence in the French market

Stemmer Imaging Goes Public, Acquires Data Vision

Initial public offering and asset deal with Batenburg Mechatronica

Optik & Photonik 4/2017 October

Cover Picture Cover Picture: Optik & Photonik 4/2017 Fisba is a leading supplier for customized optical components and systems for life sciences applications. The company is a specialist for all questions starting from custom design, followed by prototype production and ending with larger scale production. Everything is done efficiently under one roof in Switzerland. Editorial […]

Stemmer Imaging Joins AL-KO Group

Sustainable partnership with technology supplier secures company’s future

Optik & Photonik 3/2017 June

Cover Picture Cover Picture: Optik & Photonik 3/2017 High resolution images of stents are produced by the large area scan macroscope by Schafter+Kirchhoff. The telecentric beam path allows the measurement of the width of single stent ridges with high accuracy. The large area scan macroscope has a measuring range of 43 mm at a resolution […]

New Partnership for Hyperspectral Imaging

Stemmer Imaging and Perception Park signed agreement for the distribution of innovative imaging systems

Stemmer Imaging Acquires Image House A/S

Stemmer Imaging has purchased Image House A/S, the leading supplier of vision solutions and vision components in Denmark. The acquisition becomes effective from the 1st of April 2015. Being Europe’s largest machine vision technology provider, Stemmer Imaging is represented in 11 countries with local offices, covering 19 sales regions. Image House A/S is amongst the […]