Faster Detection, Classification And Identification Of Microparticles

Revolutionary particle analysis tool “ParticleScout” for the “alpha300” Raman microscope series. It enables researchers to find, classify, quantify and identify particles quickly and easily and to find correlations between the physical and chemical attributes of particles.

Combined Spectroscopy and Microscopy for Materials Science

Newly released fiber coupling sample holder. With this device, the modular, time-resolved and steady state spectrometer “FluoTime 300” can be combined with a microscope such as the “MicroTime 100”. These kind of set-up allows users to easily record time-, space-,0 and spectrally resolved luminescence spectra from any sample mounted in the microscope.

Automation in Time-resolved Spectroscopy

Software upgrade for the time-resolved modular “FluoTime 300” fluorescence spectrometer that makes it possible to interface it with external accessories, such as the liquid handling automation workstation “Biomek NXP” from Beckman-Coulter.

Raman Microscope

The “alpha300” series includes microscopes for Raman spectroscopy and imaging, atomic force microscopy and near-field microscopy. They all share a unique modularity that allows for single-technique solutions as well as correlative imaging configurations. Additional methods of analysis can be integrated with any instrument in the series at any time. The newly-developed “alpha300 access” microscope was […]

J&M Analytik Starts Cooperation with the SKZ

Process monitoring technology in plastics processing as the common objective

A Sense for Infrared Light

Laser physicists develop a measuring system for light waves in the near-infrared range

Mid-IR Frequency Combs for Sensitive Gas Sensing

Researchers have developed mid-infrared frequency combs, working in the mid-infrared molecular fingerprinting region of the electromagnetic spectrum

MEMS Technology for Spectroscopy in the Medium Infrared Range

A novel approach uses MEMS technology for spectral analysis in the medium infrared range