Making 3D Cameras Easier to Use

New autofocusing method for high-resolution 3D profilometry with a digital fringe projection technique

Spinning Lightwaves on a One-Way Street

Researchers designed an interface of mirror symmetric gyrotropic media

Light Increases Magnetic Memory Speeds

New method can potentially reduce energy consumption in magnetic memory devices

Synchrotron Radiation in a Crystal

A new device accommodates speed along circular paths producing terahertz radiation

Metamaterial for Ultrathin Optical Cavities

Embedded silver metasurfaces in nanocavities for ultrathin and multicolor on-a-chip lasers

Trapping Light with Metamaterials

A new protective metamaterial cladding prevents light from leaking out of curvy pathways

Switching Light Faster on a Nanoscale

Low-loss plasmon assisted electro-optic modulator for subwavelength optical devices

Hypercrystals for Faster Optoelectronics

New metamaterial allows extremely high levels of control and enhancement of the emitted light

Tunable Materials Clear the Way for Advanced Optics

Precisely engineering the transition point for vanadium dioxide to occur at specific temperatures

A Nanophotonic Comeback for Incandescent Bulbs?

The warm look of traditional light bulbs combined with 21st-century energy efficiency