Metasurfaces Form Vortex Beams

Any input polarization of light can result in any orbital angular momentum output

Bionic Camera Senses Colors and Polarization

The bio-inspired imager captures co-registered color and polarization information in real time with high resolution

Mueller Polarimetric Imaging in 2017 and Beyond

A review on the state of Mueller polarimetric imaging for surgical and diagnostic applications in 2017 and the future.

New Optical Fiber Preserves Coherence

Basis for constructing new high-power pulsed fiber lasers and amplifiers

Photons for Space Quantum Communication

Lasertechnology facilitates the adoption in a global truly-secure communication network

Metasurface Controls Laser Polarization

Without waveplates the laser’s polarization state can be tuned purely electronically

Graphene for Better Terahertz-Control

Possible application for telecommunication and imaging of biological molecules

Nano-Roundabout for Light

Direction of light-circulation is defined by a single atom coupled to a resonator

Measuring Polarization Simultaneously

New approach to send more data through multicore optical fibers

Metamaterial Uses Light to Control Its Motion

Unique mechanism couples its optical and mechanical resonances