EU Photonics Industry To Invest €100 billion In R&I

The EU photonics industry commits to invest in the Horizon Europe research initiative

Photonics Partnership Needs to be Key Priority in Horizon Europe

Future of European aeronautics, security, medtech, HPC, and telecoms industries at stake

Thirty-Minute Blood Test to Reduce Sepsis Deaths

RAIS: photonic low-cost point-of-care microarray sepsis detection

Summit to Show Top Megatrends Depend on Photonics

27 – 28 March 2019, Brussels, Belgium

New Excellence Center for Suss MicroOptics

Neuchâtel to become one of the capitals of freeform optics manufacturing for large volume applications

Annual Meeting showed Photonics PPP had created a significant impact in its three years of operation

Flexible OLEDs Glowing from First European Open Access Pilot Line

Producing up to 15 m long OLED-stripes with an efficiency higher than 30 lm/W and with nearly 100 % yield

World’s Fastest De­tec­tor to An­a­lyze Green­house Gases

New mid-IR multi-gas device can spot dozens of harmful emissions with a single sensor in milliseconds

“Photonics Is at the Heart of Our Digitization Strategy”

More than 370 experts debate Photonics PPP funding priorities – keynote by Commissioner Oettinger

From Lab into Market

EU industrial leadership gets boost through launch of three advanced pilot lines in photonics