The Random Raman Laser: A New Light Source for the Microcosmos

Narrow-band strobe light source for speckle-free imaging has the potential to reveal microscopic forms of life

OSA Hires Tracy Schario and Prepares to Celebrate Centennial Year in 2016

The Optical Society welcomes Tracy Schario, APR, as the Chief External Relations Officer of the leading international association for optics and photonics professionals.  Schario provides strategic direction on government relations, public relations and institutional brand; manages its ongoing public relations programs for OSA’s scientific journals, international conferences and trade shows and the society’s STEM education […]

Random Light Scattering Enhances the Resolution of Wide-field Optical Microscope Images

Researchers at the UT-research institute MESA+ have developed a method to improve the resolution of a conventional wide-field optical microscope. Scattered light usually reduces the resolution of conventional optical microscopes. The UT-researchers however found a simple and efficient way to actively use scattered light to improve the resolution of images. It is like the fog […]