$ 1 m Do­na­tion to Create OSA De­vel­op­ment Pro­gram

New program to present career op­por­tu­ni­ties to optics pro­fes­sion­als

A Century of Innovation

The Optical Society celebrates with 100 legacies of optics technologies

Solving the Problem of Glare

Basis for a noise-canceling camera for microscopy, biomedical and astronomy imaging

Award for Advanced LIGO Engineering Team

Paul F. Forman Team Engineering Excellence Award awarded to researchers of AEI and LZH

Four Innovations and One Future Prize

Awards ceremony for the 2016 Berthold Leibinger laser prizes

Stefan Nolte One of 77 New OSA Fellows

Members of the Optical Society elected as newest class of Fellows

‘Quasiparticles’ Reveal Incredibly Minute Distortions in Light Waves

A new measurement technique opens new pathway for nanoscale chemical sensors, adaptive optics and metrology

The Optical Society Bestows Fifteen Prestigious Awards for 2015

John Dudley wins the Hopkins Leadership Award

The Random Raman Laser: A New Light Source for the Microcosmos

Narrow-band strobe light source for speckle-free imaging has the potential to reveal microscopic forms of life

OSA Hires Tracy Schario and Prepares to Celebrate Centennial Year in 2016

The Optical Society welcomes Tracy Schario, APR, as the Chief External Relations Officer of the leading international association for optics and photonics professionals.  Schario provides strategic direction on government relations, public relations and institutional brand; manages its ongoing public relations programs for OSA’s scientific journals, international conferences and trade shows and the society’s STEM education […]